Carrier PF680001 Hi-Temp Silicone

Carrier PF680001 Hi-Temp Silicone
Carrier PF680001 Hi-Temp Silicone
Item# PF680001
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Product Description

Carrier PF680001 Hi-Temp Silicone

Carrier PF680001 RTV162 White Adhesive


  • (1) - White Adhesive


  • Manufacturer: Momentive Performance Materials
  • Eectronic Grade
  • UL HB Recognition
  • MIL-A-46146B Compliance
  • Size: 2.8 fl. oz. (82.8 ml)

Replaces Old Carrier Part Numbers:

  • P771-9003


Other Part Numbers:

  • 0 77027 00162 4, 077027001624, 80187

Warning! Uncured product contact irritates eyes, lips, gums, and tongue. May irritate skin. Contains octamethly-cyclotetrasiloxane which may cause reproductive system effects and liver enlargement based on animal data. Wear eye protection. Product releases methanol during application and curing. Use adequate ventilation KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Residual sealant may remain on fingers for several days and can transfer to contact lenses, causing eye irritation. At temperatures above 150 C (302 F) and in the presence of air, product can form formaldehyde vapors. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Instructions: Remove dirt, grease, or moisture from surface to be sealed or bonded. Dry surface or allow to dry thoroughly. Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Tool within 45 minutes. Typical tack-free time about 4 hours. Typical curing time about 48 hours. Length of time for full cure depends on thickness of application and other factors such as weather and temperature. See data sheet for complete information. NOT FOR USE ON STOVEPIPES, FIREPLACES OR UNDER WATER.


  • Methyltriacetoxysilane 4253-34-3;
  • Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane 556-67-2;
  • Tris(trimethoxysilylpropl)-Isocyanurate 26115-70-8

Fits Carrier Model Numbers: (Press ctrl + F to find model number below please call 734-326-3900 for further information)

  • 59MN7A060V171114, 59MN7A060V171214, 59MN7A060V211220, 59MN7A080V171114, 59MN7A080V171214, 59MN7A080V211220, 59MN7A100V211120, 59MN7A100V211222, 59MN7A120V241122, 59MN7A120V241222, 59SC2A040S141110, 59SC2A060S141110, 59SC2A060S171114, 59SC2A080S171116, 59SC2A080S211120, 59SC2A100S211114, 59SC2A100S211120, 59SC2A120S241120, 59SC2B040S141110, 59SC2B040S171112, 59SC2B060S141112, 59SC2B060S171116, 59SC2B080S171116, 59SC2B080S211120, 59SC2B100S211116, 59SC2B100S211122, 59SC2B120S241122, 59SC5A040S141110, 59SC5A040S171112, 59SC5A060S141110, 59SC5A060S171114, 59SC5A080S171116, 59SC5A080S211120, 59SC5A100S211114, 59SC5A100S211120, 59SC5A120S241120, 59SC5A140S241120, 59SP5A040E141110, 59SP5A060E171114, 59SP5A080E171116, 59SP5A080E211120, 59SP5A100E211116, 59SP5A100E211120, 59SP5A120E241122, 59TN6A060V171114, 59TN6A080V171114, 59TN6A080V211120, 59TN6A100V211120, 59TN6A100V211122, 59TN6A120V241122, 59TP5A040E141110, 59TP5A060E171114, 59TP5A080E171116, 59TP5A080E211120, 59TP5A100E211116, 59TP5A100E211120, 59TP5A120E241122, 912SA30040S14A-A, 912SA30060S14A-A, 912SA42060S17A-A, 912SA42100S21A-A, 912SA48080S17A-A, 912SA60080S21A-A, 912SA60100S21A-A, 912SA60120S24A-A, 912SB30040S14A-A, 912SB36040S17A-A, 912SB36060S14A-A, 912SB48060S17A-A, 912SB48080S17A-A, 912SB48100S21A-A, 912SB60080S21A-A, 912SB66100S21A-A, 912SB66120S24A-A, 915SA30040S14A-A, 915SA30060S14A-A, 915SA36040S17A-A, 915SA42060S17A-A, 915SA42100S21A-A, 915SA48080S17A-A, 915SA60080S21A-A, 915SA60100S21A-A, 915SA60120S24A-A, 915SA60140S24A-A, 925SA30040E14A-A, 925SA42060E17A-A, 925SA48080E17A-A, 925SA48100E21A-A, 925SA60080E21A-A, 925SA60100E21A-A, 925SA66120E24A-A, 925TA30040E14A-A, 925TA42060E17A-A, 925TA48080E17A-A, 925TA48100E21A-A, 925TA60080E21A-A, 925TA60100E21A-A, 925TA66120E24A-A, 986TA30040V14A-A, 986TA42060V17A-A, 986TA48080V17A-A, 986TA48100V21A-A, 986TA60080V21A-A, 986TA60100V21A-A, 986TA66120V24A-A, 987MA42060V17A-A, 987MA42060V17A-B, 987MA42080V17A-A, 987MA42080V17A-B, 987MA60060V21A-B, 987MA60080V21A-B, 987MA60100V21A-A, 987MA66100V21A-B, 987MA66120V24A-A, 987MA66120V24A-B, PG92SAS30040AAAA, PG92SAS42060BAAA, PG92SAS42100CAAA, PG92SAS48080BAAA, PG92SAS60080CAAA, PG92SAS60100CAAA, PG92SAS60120DAAA, PG92SBS30040AAAA, PG92SBS48060BAAA, PG92SBS48080BAAA, PG92SBS48100CAAA, PG92SBS60080CAAA, PG92SBS66100CAAA, PG92SBS66120DAAA, PG95SAS30040AAAA, PG95SAS42060BAAA, PG95SAS42100CAAA, PG95SAS48080BAAA, PG95SAS60080CAAA, PG95SAS60100CAAA, PG95SAS60120DAAA, PG95SAS60140DAAA, PG95XAT30040AAAA, PG95XAT42060BAAA, PG95XAT48080BAAA, PG95XAT48100CAAA, PG95XAT60080CAAA, PG95XAT60100CAAA, PG95XAT66120DAAA, PG96VAT30040AAAA, PG96VAT42060BAAA, PG96VAT48080BAAA, PG96VAT60080CAAA, PG96VAT60100CAAA, PG96VAT66120DAAA

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