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How to Fix Carrier Error Code 33 or 13 After Upgrading to a Higher MERV Rated Filter
Upgraded to a Higher MERV-Rated Filter and Now Your Carrier Furnace is Throwing 33 or 13 Error Codes? Due to COVID-19, many people are taking precautions to better their in-home air quality. The big problem however, is a higher MERV rated filter can restrict the air flow going over the furnace's heat exchanger and cause the furnace to go off on high limit. On Carrier, …
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How to Fix Carrier Error Code 34 and 14 (Ignition Proving Failure & Lockout)
Symptoms of Carrier Error Code 34 When the furnace starts and shuts off after about 20-30 seconds, there is likely a problem with the proving of flame. When a furnace starts, it checks that the combustible gas is properly lit to avoid flooding the home with unlit gases and causing damage to the unit in the form of soot. You may notice that there will be flames and the …
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Payne PG80MSAA/PG80MSLA Installation  & Control Board Progamming Manual
Our service-side of Technical Hot & Cold ran into a problem today: We could not find the manual to program the board on a Payne 80% furnace we were installing. It did not come with the unit, was not available in the dealer portal, nor could we find it online anywhere. We were able to track it down and get it from our local distributor, and get the fan speeds and other …
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