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Why Is My Furnace so Loud? How to Fix a Noisy Furnace
It feels like the summers are getting warmer, but that doesn't mean the winters are any milder than normal. If last year is any indication, we need to be ready for cold days ahead, even in some unlikely places. That means getting our furnaces and heat pumps in prime condition, starting with a tune-up and test. But we know that minor issues may not become apparent until well in …
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How to Fix Carrier Error Code 34 and 14 (Ignition Proving Failure & Lockout)
Symptoms of Carrier Error Code 34When the furnace starts and shuts off after about 20-30 seconds, there is likely a problem with the proving of flame. When a furnace starts, it checks that the combustible gas is properly lit to avoid flooding the home with unlit gases and causing damage to the unit in the form of soot. You may notice that there will be flames and then the unit …
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How to Tell if You Have a Bad AC Capacitor and How to Replace It
We all know that amazing feeling of coming in from a hot summer day into your beautiful AC. But, one day, you may go in and find that your home isn't as cool as you expect. Some people also know the sinking feeling of a broken AC unit. However, knowing that you're in for a costly repair is not something anyone should have to experience. With summers getting hotter …
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