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Technical Hot & Cold is the Metro Detroit area’s premier supplier of air conditioner parts for all purposes — from residential to commercial applications. With over 25 years in this industry, we have expanded to shipping A/C repair parts across the world! Expect hassle-free browsing and delivery, whether you are a homeowner or maintenance contractor looking for parts. Browse our large listings now and get genuine air conditioner replacement products.

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We offer user-friendly search features to help you find any product you need as soon as you need it. Simply browse our extensive collection by brand or category to find the item you need. Alternatively, you can also enter the model number of your appliance to find related products. Our smart search feature also suggests relevant products to the item you are viewing to ensure you make the most of your online shopping experience. Browse our complete collection now!

View Our Air Conditioning parts selection below. We stock a wide variety of a/c brands, and back it with our 1-year warranty or the manufacturer's warranty- whichever is longer. If you don't see the brand or part you are looking for, call us! (734) 326-3900.

Air Conditioner Parts by Brand

Our listings include air conditioner parts from the top industry brands. You can count on our selection to contain the correct part for your air conditioner model. We have a wide range of brands in our collection, so we are confident that we have the item you need. Browse our air conditioner parts by brand here:

One-year Warranty on All Air Conditioner Parts

We offer a one-year warranty for any genuine air conditioner part in our collection. However, you can rest assured that we follow the manufacturer’s policy if it offers a longer warranty. If your preferred brand is unlisted, get in touch by calling (734) 326-3900.
We also offer a 365-day return policy effective as soon as you place an order. Perhaps you need to return an item after learning that it is incompatible with your air conditioner model. Consider avoiding this situation altogether by seeking assistance from our seasoned technicians to ensure you get the right air conditioner part.

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Learn How To Use the Correct Air Conditioner Repair Parts

We care about helping you find the right parts for your air conditioner, and we also want to help you install them correctly. We have a blog with an extensive library of written posts and video resources on how to repair your cooling system. Browse our comprehensive library for manuals and guides to help you through your DIY air conditioner repair project!

A/C Repair Blog

Unmatched Customer Support for Air Conditioner Replacement Parts

Our team aims to make air conditioner parts as accessible as possible to homeowners and commercial contractors. Pair this dedication to accessibility with our honest customer services, and you have a winning combination!

Technical Hot & Cold assures its clients that all air conditioner parts available for sale are genuine. We resent suppliers of counterfeit repair products who are only out to make money without a care for quality. You can count on us for integrity in every purchase.
Meanwhile, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the A/C repair parts in our collection, allowing us to guide you through your next repair project. This extensive knowledge is a testament to our commitment to supporting our customers every step of the way.

Over 30 Years of A/C Technical Experience

Technical Hot & Cold is only able to deliver excellent customer service because of our team. We have experienced technicians dedicated to helping others resolve their air conditioner problems. You can count on our representatives to have extensive knowledge about the different cooling parts of air conditioners. This knowledge allows us to lead you to the right parts that will solve your A/C problems.

With decades of experience in the industry, we can assure our clients that we understand the functions of all products we offer. Our team is as dedicated as you are to improving your air conditioner’s performance. Allow our seasoned professionals to point you in the right direction of repairing your A/C.

Ongoing Air Conditioner Repair and Upgrade Support

Our commitment to our customers is effective even after you purchase the air conditioner repair parts you need. We want to ensure that you have access to ongoing support as you resolve your technical issues. As such, our team of seasoned A/C technicians is ready to assist you through your preferred platform.

Whether you are more comfortable with remote or face-to-face assistance, you can trust our mechanical experts to guide you. We have encountered nearly all kinds of issues associated with air conditioners, and our years of experience have specifically prepared us to help you resolve your issues! Get in touch with us online or by phone for assistance today.

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