Carrier RMOD44AE116 Module Blower Motor

Carrier RMOD44AE116 1/2 Motor Module
Carrier RMOD44AE116 1/2 Motor Module
Item# RMOD44AE116
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Product Description

Carrier RMOD44AE116 1/2 Motor Module
Carrier ROMD44AE116 Module

    1 - Module
      1 - Plastic Locator Pin A - 8794728AYP1
        1 - Wire Tie - HY76TB121
          2 - 3 in Hex Head Bolts - 111A522AAP7
            1 - Installation Instructions - 11K333B-60-1

              Hp: 1/2 or 0.5
                Voltage: 120 or 240
                  Amps: 7.7
                    Phase: 1
                      Frequency: 60
                        Rotation: CCW
                          ECM: 2.3

                          Replaces old Carrier part numbers:
                            There are no older part numbers.

                            Other Part Numbers: 00662442144690, 1211, 17, COG51T, CN04

                            Fits Carrier models:
                              320AAZ036060AAKA 30A
                                320AAZ042080AAKA 30A, 355MAV042040AAKA 21A
                                  355MAV042040ABKA 21A, 355MAV042040ACKA 21A
                                    355MAV042040ADKA 21A, 355MAV042040AEKA 21A
                                      355MAV042040FFKA 21A, 355MAV042040FGKA 72A
                                        355MAV042060AAKA 21A, 355MAV042060ABKA 21A
                                          355MAV042060ACKA 21A, 355MAV042060ADKA 21A
                                            355MAV042060AEKA 21A, 355MAV042060FFKA 21A
                                              355MAV042060FGKA 72A, 355MAV042080AAKA 21A
                                                355MAV042080ABKA 21A, 355MAV042080ACKA 21A
                                                  355MAV042080ADKA 21A, 355MAV042080AEKA 21A
                                                    355MAV042080FFKA 21A, 355MAV042080FGKA 72A
                                                      38TV-024---300-- 224A, 38TV-036---300-- 224A
                                                        38YV-024---300-- 241A, 38YV-036---300-- 241A
                                                          398BAW036060-B-- 50A, 398BAW036080-A-- 46A
                                                            398BAW036080-B-- 50A, 398BAZ036060ACKA 29A
                                                              398BAZ036060ADKA 31A, 398BAZ036060GCKA 29A
                                                                398BAZ036060GDKA 31A, 398BAZ036080ACKA 29A
                                                                  398BAZ036080ADKA 31A, 398BAZ036080GCKA 29A
                                                                    398BAZ036080GDKA 31A, 398BAZ042100ACKA 29A
                                                                      398BAZ042100GCKA 29A, 58MVP040-F-15114 76
                                                                        58MVP040-F-16114 76, 58MVP040---10014 76
                                                                          58MVP040---11114 76, 58MVP040---12114 76
                                                                            58MVP040---13114 76, 58MVP040---14114 76
                                                                              58MVP060-F-15114 76, 58MVP060-F-16114 76
                                                                                58MVP060---10014 76, 58MVP060---11114 76
                                                                                  58MVP060---12114 76, 58MVP060---13114 76
                                                                                    58MVP060---14114 76, 58MVP080-F-15114 76
                                                                                      58MVP080-F-16114 76, 58MVP080---10014 76
                                                                                        58MVP080---11114 76, 58MVP080---12114 76
                                                                                          58MVP080---13114 76, 58MVP080---14114 76
                                                                                            58SSB060---121BC 91A, 58SSB060---131BC 91A
                                                                                              58SSB080---121BC 91A, 58SSB080---131BC 91A
                                                                                                58SXB060-C-130GG 29A, 58SXB060-C-140GG 31A
                                                                                                  58SXB060---110CC 32A, 58SXB060---120CC 32A
                                                                                                    58SXB060---130GG 29A, 58SXB060---140GG 31A
                                                                                                      58SXB080-C-130GG 29A, 58SXB080-C-140GG 31A
                                                                                                        58SXB080---110BC 32A, 58SXB080---120BC 32A
                                                                                                          58SXB080---130GG 29A, 58SXB080---140GG 31A
                                                                                                            58SXB100-C-130HG 29A, 58SXB100---130HG 29A
                                                                                                              58VUA060---100GG 30A, 58VUA080---100HG 30A

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