Carrier RMOD46AE244 ECM 2.3 Motor Module

Carrier RMOD46AE244 ECM 2.3 Motor Module
Carrier RMOD46AE244 ECM 2.3 Motor Module
Item# RMOD46AE244
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Product Description

Carrier RMOD46AE244 ECM 2.3 Motor Module

Carrier RMOD46AE244 ECM2.3Motor Module


  • (1) - ECM 2.3 Motor Module
  • (2) - 111A522AAP73 - 1/2" with 1/4" Hex Bolts
  • (1) - Plastic Locator Pin - A-8794728AYP1
  • (1) - Wire Tie - HY76TB121
  • (1) - Instruction Manual - 1-11K333B-60-1


RMOD46AE244 Motor Control Module Variable speed motor control module for Replacement obsolete # RMOD46AE243. Use only with Carrier-BDP motor #HD46AE243. BDP, Carrier,motor: Furnace Blower: Modulating.


  • Horsepower Rating: 3/4/0.75
  • Voltage: 120/240
  • Amperage: 6.8
  • Phase: 1
  • Frequency: 60
  • Rotation: Counter Clockwise

NOTE: Always check the blower wheel and capacitor on your blower assembly. Bad or unbalanced blower wheels can cause early failure for a blower motor because of vibration. A bad capacitor can aslo cause early failur due to lack of power supply to the blower motor. If you are not sure what capacitor or blower wheel fits your blower assembly just call 734-326-3900.

Replaces Old Carrier Part Numbers:

  • RMOD46AE243

Other Part Numbers:

Replacement Components Division, Factory Authorized Parts, RMOD46AE244, 0113, Carrier Corporation, genteq, HD46AE244, ECM2.3, DG04, 5 03F1S0, HY76TB121, A-8794728AYP1, 111A522AAP7, 00662442439970, 236833

Fits Carrier Model Numbers:

40FKA006---300--, 40FKA006---310--, 40FKB006---300--, FK4ANF006000AAAA, FK4BNB006000AAAA, FK4BNB006008AAAA, FK4BNB006010AAAA, FK4BNB006015AAAA, FK4BNB006020AAAA, FK4CNB006000AAAA, FK4CNB006000AEAA, FK4CNB006000AFAA, FK4CNB006000AGAA, FK4CNB006000AHAA, FK4DNB006000AAAA, FV4ANB006000AAAA, FV4ANB006000ABAA, FV4ANB006000ACAA, FV4ANB006000ADAA, FV4BNB006000AAAA, FV4BNB006T00AAAA, PF1MNA071000AAAA, PF1MNA071000ABAA, PF1MNA071000ACAA, PF1MNA071000ADAA, PF1MNB071000AAAA

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