ICP 1050839 Contactor

ICP 1050839 Contactor
Item# 1050839
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Product Description

ICP 1050839 Contactor


  • (1) - Contactor (1050839)


  • Size: 35A
  • Poles: 1
  • Coil: 24 Vac 50/60Hz
  • Single Pole With Neutral

Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers:

  • 1091261
  • 1150015
  • 1280004
  • 1280007
  • 1280008
  • 14306502
  • 14306503
  • 636192
  • 751547
  • 751548
  • 751654

Other Part Numbers:

1P, 35A, 24V, 0 08 23960 02561 2, E/1, 13100Y15Q14191L, 240/277, 480, 600, 35, 31.2, 31.2, 180, 75, 50, 40, j115

Fits ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Snyder General, KeepRite and Day & Night Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

867.800160, 867.800161, 867.800250, 867.800260, 867.800261, 867.800950, 867.800951, 867.800952, 867.800960, 867.800961, 867.800962, 867.801410, 867.801411, 867.801420, 867.801421, 867.801610, 867.801611, 867.801620, 867.801621, 867.802050, 867.802950, 867.802951, 867.802952, 867.802960, 867.802961, 867.802962, 867.803190, 867.806280, 867.806290, 867.806291, 867.806380, 867.806390, 867.806391, 867.806820, 867.806830, 867.806831, 867.806860, 867.806861, 867.808290, A042AKA1, A042AKA4, A042AKA5, A042AKC3, A048AKA1, A048AKA4, A048AKA5, A048AKC3, A242AKA1, A242AKA4, A248AKA1, A248AKA4, A2P030B3Y1, A2P042A2Y1, A2P048A2Y1, A2P060A2Y1, A4S548A3V1, A4S560A3V1, A6P024B3Y1, A6P030B3Y1, A6P036A3Y1, A6P042A3Y1, A6P048A3Y1, A6P060A3Y1, A6S548A3V, A8S560A3V1, A8S560A3V2, AG036GA, AG042GA, AG042GB1, AG042GB2, AG048G, AG048GB1, AG048GB2, AH048G, AH048G2, AH048GA1, AH048GA2, AJ048G, AJ048G3, AJ048G4, AJ048GA1, APFM42K000E, APFM48K000E, APK036K000A, APK042K000A, APK048K000A, CA1048QKA1, CA1048VKA1, 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CAC448GKA5, CAC448GKB1, CAC448GKC3, CAC448GKC4, CH3048QKA1, CH3048QKA2, CH3048VKA1, CH3048VKA2, CH3060QKA1, CH3060QKA2, CH3060VKA1, CH3060VKA2, CH4048VKA1, CH4060VKA1, CH5048QKA1, CH5048QKA2, CH5048QKA3, CH5048QKA4, CH5048QKA5, CH5048VKA1, CH5048VKA2, CH5048VKA3, CH5048VKA4, CH5048VKA5, CH5048VKA6, CH5060QKA1, CH5060QKA2, CH5060QKA3, CH5060QKA4, CH5060QKA5, CH5060VKA1, CH5060VKA2, CH5060VKA3, CH5060VKA4, CH5060VKA5, CH5060VKA6, CH5542VKC1, CH5542VKC2, CH5542VKD1, CH5542VKDA, CH5548VKC1, CH5548VKC2, CH5548VKD1, CH7548QKA1, CH7548QKA2, CH7548VKA1, CH7548VKA2, CH7548VKA3, CH9548VKA3, CH9548VKB1, CH9548VKB2, CH9548VKC1, CHP042AKA1, CHP042AKC1, CHP042AKC2, CHP042AKC3, CHP042GKA1, CHP042GKC1, CHP042GKC2, CHP042GKC3, CHP048AKA1, CHP048AKAA, CHP048AKC1, CHP048AKC2, CHP048AKC3, CHP048GKA1, CHP048GKAA, CHP048GKC1, CHP048GKC2, CHP048GKC3, CHP248AKA1, CHP248AKA2, CHP248AKAA, CHP248AKC1, CHP248AKC2, CHP248AKC3, CHP248GKA1, CHP248GKA2, CHP248GKAA, CHP248GKC1, CHP248GKC2, CHP248GKC3, CHP442AKA1, 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Technical Hot and Cold offers the ICP 1050839 Contactor OEM replacement part for sale online and over the phone. Call (734)326-3900 to speak with a technician for additional information on each ICP replacement part.