Lennox 32663 Blower Motor

Lennox 32663 Blower Motor
Lennox 32663 Blower Motor
Item# 32663
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Product Description

Lennox 32663 Blower Motor
Lennox 32663 Blower Motor


(1) - Blower Motor
(2) - Cradle Mount Bushings
(1) - Installation Instructions


Horsepower: 1/3
Voltage: 115
Hertz: 60
Phase: 1
Rotation Per Minute: 1075
Rotation: Counter Clockwise Lead End
Frame: 48Y
Model: K55HXENB-8874
Speed(S): 4
Product Number: P-8-7505
Thermally Protected
Manufactures Number: C14C
Single Side Flat Shaft

NOTE: The 32663 Lennox blower motor requires a 5 MFD at 370VAC run capacitor (not included).

Replaces Old Part Numbers:

Other Part Numbers:

P-8-7505, K055ENB8874721J, C14489584, 156060, US Motors, INS CL A AIR OVER CONT, Thermally Protected, 0141050140782

Fits Lennox Model Numbers: (Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)
BM-7315, BM-7316, G10-110, G10R-110, G11-137, G11D2E-82, G11E-110, G11E-137, G11Q3E-110, G11Q3E-110V, G11Q3E-137, G11Q3E-137V, G11Q4E-137, G11Q4E-137V, G11Q5E-137, G11RE-137, G11RQ2-82V, G11RQ3-110, G11RQ3-110V, G11RQ3-137, G11RQ3-137V, G11RQ3-82, G11RQ5-137V, G12E-137, G12E-40, G12E-82, G12Q3-40, G12Q3-82, G12Q3E-110, G12Q3E-28, G12Q3E-40, G12Q3E-82, G12RQ3E-110, G12RQ3E-137, G13D2-80, G15Q3.5E-60, G8-105, G8-110, G8-137, G82-82, G8R-110, G8R-137, G8R-82, GF8-105, GF8-105E, GF8-120, GF8-120E, GF8-90E, GF8E-105, GS10D2-105, GS10D2-75, GS10Q3-105, GS10Q3-105V, GS10Q3-120, GS10Q3-75, GS10Q3-75V, GS10Q4-105V, GS10Q4-120, GS10Q4-120V, GS10Q5-120, GS10Q5-120V, GS10Q5-140, GS10Q5-150V, GS18Q3/4-100, GS18Q3/4E-100, GS18Q3-75, GS18Q3E-75, O11-140, 011D2-105, 011Q3-105, GS10Q5-120V, GS10Q5-140, GS10Q5-140V, GS18Q3/4-100, GS18Q3/4E-100, GS18Q3-75, GS18Q3E-75, 011-140, 011D2-105, 011Q3-105, 011Q3-140, OF10Q3/4-105, OF10Q3/4-140, OF10Q3/4-168

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