Lennox 60L22 Blower Motor

Lennox 60L22 Blower Motor
Lennox 60L22 Blower Motor
Item# 60L22
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Product Description

Lennox 60L22 Blower Motor

Lennox 60L22 Blower Motor


  • (1) - Motor w/ Mounts
  • (1) - Installation Instructions


  • Horsepower: 1/2
  • Voltage: 115
  • Hertz:60
  • Phase: 1
  • Rotation Per Minute:1075
  • Speed(S): 5
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.5"
  • Shaft Length: 3.25"
  • Frame: 48Y
  • Capacitor: 7.5 MFD @ 370 VAC

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 18M27
  • 18M2701
  • 21L93
  • 21L9301
  • 21L94
  • 21L9401
  • 21W86
  • 32M9001
  • 37J24
  • 43K87
  • 43K8701
  • 45H32
  • 45H3201
  • 60L2201
  • 67F15
  • 67F1501
  • 86H71
  • 86H7101
  • 86G84
  • 86G8401
  • 100650-01

Other Part Numbers:

  • K55HXMKS-0549,MFG NO. K10C,CPN39NG, K55HXHPK-8801, H04C

Fits Lennox Model Numbers: (Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900)

  • 78RGF3-75, 78UGF4-100, 78UGF4-125, 78UGF4-75, 78UGF4X-100, 80AF1UH090P16B, 80AF1UH090P16BL, 80AF1UH110P16C, 80MGF3/4-100A, 80MGF3/4-100S, 80MGF3/4-120A, 80MGF3/4-120S, 80MGF3/4X-100A, 80MGF4-75A, 80MGF4-75S, 80MGF4X-75A, 80MGF-75, 80UHG3/4-100A, 80UHG3/4-120A, 80UHG3/4X-100A, 80UHG4X-75A, 80UHGM3-100, 80UHGM4-75, 90UGFA3/4-100, 92AF1DF090P16C, 92AF1UH090P16C, 92AF1UH110P16C, 95AF1UH090P16C, AM30Q3/4-105, EL195UH090P48C, EL195UH090XP48C, EL195UH110XP48C, EL280DF090P48B, G12E-110, G14Q3/4X-80, G12Q4-110, G12Q4E-110, G15Q4E-50, G14-100-6, G14-100-7, G14-60-23, G14-80-19, G14-80-21, G14-80-22, G14-80-8, G14Q3-60-19, G14Q3-60-20, G14Q3-80-18, G14Q3-80-19, G14Q3CAN-100-7, G14Q4CAN-60-23, G14Q4CAN-80-21, G14Q4CAN-80-22, G16Q3/4-100, G16Q3/4H-100, G16Q3/4X-100, G16Q4-75, G16Q4X-75, G16RQ4-100, G16RQ4X-100, G17Q3/4-100, G17Q3/4X-100, G17Q3X-75, G17Q4-75, G17Q4X-75, G17Q5/6-100, G17Q5/6X-100, G17RQ3/4-100, G17RQ5-100, G20Q3/4-100, G20Q3/4E-100, G20Q3/4E-125, G20Q3/4X-100, G20Q3/4X-125, G20Q4-75, G20Q4E-75, G20Q4X-75, G20R(Q3,Q4)(E,X)-75(H), G20R(Q3/4,Q5)(E,X)-100(H), G21Q3-100-1, G21Q3-100-3, G21Q3-100-4, G21Q3-100-7, G21Q3-100-8, G21Q3-100-9, G21Q4-60-7, G21Q4-60-8, G21Q4-60-9, G21Q4-80-1, G23Q3/4-100, G23Q3/4-125, G24M2/3-75A-T, G24M3/4-100A, G24M3/4-100S, G24M3/4-120A, G24M3/4-120S, G24M3/4X-100A, G24M3/4X-100S, G24M4-75A, G24M4-75S, G24M4X-75A, G24M4X-75S, G26Q3/4-100, G26Q3/4-125, G32Q3/4-100, G40DF-48C-090, G40DF-48C-090X, G40DF-48C-110, G40DF-48C-110X, G40UH-48B-070, G40UH-48B-090, G40UH-48B-090X, G40UH-48C-110, G40UH-48C-135, G41UF-48C-090, G43UF-48C-110, G50DF-48C-090, G50DF-48C-090X, G50DF-48C-110, G50UH-36B-090X, G50UH-48B-070, G50UH-48B-090, G50UH-48B-090X, G50UH-48C-110, G50UH-48C-110X, G50UH-48C-135, G51MP-48C-110, G60DF-48C-090X-02, G60DF-48C-110-05, G60DF-48C-110-06, G60DF-48C-110-09, G60UH-48B-070-03, G60UH-48B-090-02, G60UH-48B-090-04, G60UH-48B-090-09, G60UH-48B-090-10, G60UH-48B-090X-06, G60UH-48B-090X-07, G60UH-48B-090X-09, G60UH-48B-090X-10, G60UH-48C-110-02, G60UH-48C-110-05, G60UH-48C-110-06, G60UH-48C-110-07, G60UH-48C-110-09, G61MP-48C-090, G61MP-48C-110, GHR26Q3/4-100, GHR26Q3-75, GHR32Q3-75, GSR14Q4-50-1, GSR14Q4-50-2, GSR14Q4-50-9, GSR21Q4-50-10, GSR21Q4-50-12, GSR21Q4-50-8, GSR21Q4-50-9, ML180UH090P48B, ML180UH090XP48B, ML180UH110P36C, ML180UH110P48C, ML193DF090P48C, ML193DF090XP48C, ML193UH090P48C, ML193UH090XP48C, ML193UH110P48C, ML193UH110XP48C, ML195UH090P48C, ML195UH090XP48C, ML195UH110P48C, ML195UH110XP48C, 012Q4-140

Fits Allied Model Numbers: (If you don't see your model number below please call 734-326-3900 for further information)

  • 80G1DF090BP16-1, 80G1DF090BP16-2
  • 80G1UH090BP16-1, 80G1UH090BP16-2, 80G1UH090BP16-3, 80G1UH090BP16-53
  • 80G1UH090BP16L-1, 80G1UH090BP16L-2, 80G1UH090BP16L-3, 80G1UH090BP16L-53
  • 80G1UH110CP16-1, 80G1UH110CP16-2, 80G1UH110CP16-3, 80G1UH110CP16-53
  • 92G1DF090CP16-1, 92G1DF090CP16-2, 92G1DF090CP16-3, 92G1DF090CP16-4, 92G1DF090CP16-05
  • 92G1UH090CP16-1, 92G1UH090CP16-2, 92G1UH090CP16-3, 92G1UH090CP16-4, 92G1UH090CP16-05, 92G1UH090CP16-55
  • 92G1UH110CP16-1, 92G1UH110CP16-2, 92G1UH110CP16-3, 92G1UH110CP16-4, 92G1UH110CP16-05
  • 95G1UH090CP16-1, 95G1UH090CP16-2, 95G1UH090CP16-3, 95G1UH090CP16-4, 95G1UH090CP16-6
  • 95G1UH110CP16-1, 95G1UH110CP16-2, 95G1UH110CP16-3, 95G1UH110CP16-4, 95G1UH110CP16-6
  • A80DF1D090B16-1, A80DF1D090B16-2
  • A80UH1D090B16-1, A80UH1D090B16-2, A80UH1D090B16-3, A80UH1D090B16-53
  • A80UH1D090B16L-1, A80UH1D090B16L-2, A80UH1D090B16L-3, A80UH1D090B16L-53
  • A80UH1D110C16-1, A80UH1D110C16-2, A80UH1D110C16-3, A80UH1D110C16-53
  • A93DF1D090C16A-1, A93DF1D090C16A-2, A93DF1D090C16A-3, A93DF1D090C16A-4
  • A93UH1D090C16A-1, A93UH1D090C16A-2, A93UH1D090C16A-3, A93UH1D090C16A-4, A93UH1D090C16A-54
  • A93UH1D110C16A-1, A93UH1D110C16A-2, A93UH1D110C16A-3, A93UH1D110C16A-4, A93UH1D110C16A-54
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  • A95UH1D090C16S-1, A95UH1D090C16S-2, A95UH1D090C16S-3, A95UH1D090C16S-4, A95UH1D090C16S-5
  • A95UH1D110C16A-1, A95UH1D110C16A-2, A95UH1D110C16A-3, A95UH1D110C16A-4, A95UH1D110C16A-5
  • A95UH1D110C16S-1, A95UH1D110C16S-2, A95UH1D110C16S-3, A95UH1D110C16S-4, A95UH1D110C16S-5

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