Lennox 68J24 Fan Motor

Lennox 68J24 Fan Motor
Lennox 68J24 Fan Motor
Item# 68J24
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Product Description

Lennox 68J24 Fan Motor
Lennox 68J24 Fan Motor

    (1) - Fan Motor

  • Horsepower: 1/3
  • Rotation: Counter Clockwise Lead End
  • Voltage: 208-230
  • Phase: 1
  • Rotation Per Minite: 1075
  • Amperage: 2.1
  • Capacitor: 7.5 MFD @ 370 VAC
  • Single Side Flat Shaft

    Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

              Other Part Numbers: 10062900419, 100483-29, 110121, Interlink HVAC Parts and Supplies, 662551355611, YSCB-250-6-B007-XXXX

              Fits Lennox Model Numbers: (Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)
                10ACB48, 10ACB60, 10HPB48, 10HPB60, 12ACB42, 12ACB48, 12ACB60, 12HPB42, 12HPB48, 12HPB60, 13ACC-060-230, 13ACD-042-230, 13GEP48100ALP, 13GEP60100ALP, 13GEP60125AP, 13HPD-048-230, 13HPP60AP, 13HPX-042-230, 13HPX-048-230, 2AC14B60PM, 2AC14L60, 2HP14B60P, 2SHP13LC148T, 4HP13B42P, 4HP13B48P, 4HP13L24P, 4HP13L42P, 4HP13L48P, 4HP14B18P, AC13-042-230, C0AL-42-230, C0AL-48-230, C0AL-60-230, HP13-042-230, HP29-042, HP29-048, HP29-513, HP29A-048, HP29A-048, HP29A-060, HP30-651, HPXA12-060-230, HPXA12-060-233, HS29-048, HS29-060, HS29-511, HS29-513, HS29-651, HS29-653, HS29-681, HSXA12-060-233, HSXA12-060-463, HSXA12-060-575, LPS13DC-048-230, RCE13A48T, RHP13A60T, TPA042S4, TPA042S4N4, TPA048S2, TPA048S4, ZCA060S, ZHA060S

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