Lennox 21W82 Dual Run Capacitor

Lennox 21W82 Dual Run Capacitor
Item# 21W82
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Product Description

Lennox 21W82 Capacitor Dual Run 70+7.5 MFD 440 VAC Oval


Type: Dual Run
MFD: 70-7.5
Voltage: 440
Shape: Oval

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

Fits Lennox models:
10ACE-060-230 01
13HPX-048-230 01
13HPX-048-230 02
13HPX-048-230 03
13HPX-048-230 10
13HPX-048-230 11
13HPX-048-230 12
13HPX-048-230 13
13HPX-048-230 14
13HPX-060-230 13
4HP13B48P 2A
4HP13B48P 3A
4HP13B48P 4A
4HP13L48P 2A
4HP13L48P 3A
4HP13L48P 4A
4HP13L60P 3A

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