Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board

Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board
Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board
Item# 83M00
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Product Description

Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board

Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board



  • (1) - Surelight Ignition Control Board (83M00)
  • (1) - Wiring Harness (9-pin to 12-pin) (LB-109532_5)
  • (1) - Wiring Harness (4-Pin to 6-Pin) (LB-109533_2)
  • (1) - Mounting Panel
  • (4) - Stand-off Fasteners (-)
  • (1) - Circuit Breaker (W28-X1081-3)
  • (1) - Wire (-)
  • (2) - Wiring Diagrams (535034W, 535,278W)
  • (1) - Installation Instructions (504,962M)


  • SI Dip Switches = Heat Off Delay:
  • SW1 (Off), SW2 (Off) = 60 Seconds
  • SW1 (Off), SW2 (On) = 90 Seconds
  • SW1 (On), SW2 (Off) = 120 Seconds
  • SW1 (On), SW2 (On) = 180 Seconds
  • SI Dip Switches = Cool Off Delay
  • SW3 (Off) = 2 Seconds
  • SW3 (On) = 45 Seconds

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 32M88
  • 12L69
  • 69M08
  • 97L48
  • 56L84
  • 10M93
  • 56L83
  • 24L85
  • 63K89
  • LB-109531A
  • 97L4801
  • 69M0801
  • 63K8901
  • 56L8401
  • 56L8301
  • 32M8801
  • 24L8501
  • 12L6901
  • 10M9301

Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

  • There are no older part numbers.

Other Part Numbers:

50A62-120 White Rodgers, 50A62-121-06 White Rodgers, 50A65-120 White Rodgers, 50A65-121 White Rodgers, 50A66-123-04 White Rodgers, 100925-03, 1045P 157-2753, 150-0993, 1145 P, 5001 4909, 11128410200555, 4544E, Ignition Control Kit Surelight, 50A66-123-04, 100925-03, 150-0993, 1609 P, 11606410200610, ANSI 721.20 AUTOMATIC IGNITION SYSTEM 24VAC, 1194V0, LB-109531A SureLight Replacement Kit, T003132986

Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

80MGF2-45A-11, 80MGF2-45A-12 80MGF2-60A-11 80MGF2-75A-12 80MGF2-75S-11, 80MGF2-75S-12 80MGF2X-45A-11, 80MGF2X-45A-12 80MGF3/4-100A-12 80MGF3/4-100S-12 80MGF3/4X-100A-11 80MGF3-60A-11, 80MGF3-60A-12 80MGF3-75A-11, 80MGF3-75A-12 80MGF3-75S-11 80MGF4/5-100S-12 80MGF4/5-120A-11 80MGF4/5-140A-11, 80MGF4/5-140A-12 80MGF4/5X-140A-11, 80MGF4/5-140A-12 80MGF4X-75A-11, 80MGF4X-75A-12 80UHG2-75A-2, 80UHG2-75A-3 80UHG2X-60A-3 80UHG2X-75A-2, 80UHG2X-75A-3 80UHG3/4-100A-2, 80UHG3/4-100A-3 80UHG3/4-120A-2 80UHG3-60A-2, 80UHG3-60A-3 80UHG3-75A-2, 80UHG3-75A-3 80UHG4/5-100A-3 80UHG4/5-120A-2, 80UHG4/5-120A-3 80UHG4/5X-100A-2 80UHG4/5X-120A-3 80UHG4-75A-3 80UHG4X-75A-2, 80UHG4X-75A-3 80UHGM2-45-2, 80UHGM2-45-3 80UHGM2-60-2 80UHGM3-120-2, 80UHGM3-120-3 80UHGM3-75-2, 80UHGM3-75-3 80UHGM4/5-100-2, 80UHGM4/5-100-3 80UHGM4/5-120-2, 80UHGM4/5-120-3 80UHGM4-75-2, 80UHGM4-75-3 90UGFA2-50-3, 90UGFA2-50-4 90UGFA3/4-100-5, 90UGFA3/4-100-6 90UGFA3-75-3, 90UGFA3-75-4 90UGFA4/5-125-5, 90UGFA4/5-125-6 G24M2-45S-7 G24M2-60A-7 G24M2-75A-9, G24M2-75A-11, G24M2-75A-12 G24M2-75S-11, G24M2-75S-12 G24M2X-45A-11, G24M2X-45A-12 G24M2X-45S-10, G24M2X-45S-11, G24M2X-45S-12 G24M3/4-100A-11, G24M3/4-100A-12 G24M3/4-100S-10, G24M3/4-100S-11, G24M3/4-100S-12 G24M3/4-120A-10 G24M3/4-120S-7, G24M3/4-120S-10, G24M3/4-120S-11 G24M3/4X-100A-11, G24M3/4X-100A-12 G24M3/4X-100S-10, G24M3/4X-100S-11, G24M3/4X-100S-12 G24M3-60A-10, G24M3-60A-11 G24M3-60S-10, G24M3-60S-12 G24M3-75A-10 G24M3-75S-10 G24M3X-60A-11, G24M3X-60A-12 G24M3X-60S-11, G24M3X-60S-12 G24M3X-75A-10 G24M4/5-100A-10, G24M4/5-100A-12 G24M4/5-100S-11, G24M4/5-100S-12 G24M4/5-120A-12 G24M4/5-140A-7, G24M4/5-140A-11 G24M4/5-140S-7, G24M4/5-140S-11 G24M4/5X-100A-10, G24M4/5X-100A-11, G24M4/5X-100A-12 G24M4/5X-100S-10, G24M4/5X-100S-12 G24M4/5X-120A-7, G24M4/5X-120A-12 G24M4/5X-120S-7, G24M4/5X-120S-10, G24M4/5X-120S-11, G24M4/5X-120S-12 G24M4-75A-7, G24M4-75A-10, G24M4-75A-11 G24M4-75S-10 G24M4X-75A-7, G24M4X-75A-10 G24M4X-75S-7 G26Q3/4-125-5 G26Q3-50-3 G26Q4/5-125-4, G26Q4/5-125-6 G26Q4/5-75-3, G26Q4/5-75-4 G27M2-60A-2 G27M3-75A-1 G27M4-100A-1 G32Q3/4-100-3 G32Q3-75-3 G32Q4/5-100-3 G32Q4/5-125-1, G32Q4/5-125-2, G32Q4/5-125-3 G32V3-75-3, G32V3-75-4 G32V5-100-3, G32V5-100-4 G32V5-125-1 G40DF-24A-045-1, G40DF-24A-045-7, G40DF-24A-045-9 G40DF-24A-045X-2 G40DF-36A-070-2, G40DF-36A-070-5, G40DF-36A-070-6, -7 G40DF-36A-070X-2, G40DF-36A-070X-5 G40DF-36B-090-1, G40DF-36B-090-5, G40DF-36B-090-9 G40DF-48C-090-3, G40DF-48C-090-5, G40DF-48C-090-6, G40DF-48C-090-7 G40DF-48C-090X-5 G40DF-48C-110-2, G40DF-48C-110-6 G40DF-48C-110X-2, G40DF-48C-110X-3 G40DF-60C-110-3, G40DF-60C-110-6 G40DF-60C-110X-03, G40DF-60C-110X-05 G40DF-60D-135-3, G40DF-60D-135-4, G40DF-60D-135-5, G40DF-60D-135-6, G40DF-60D-135-7 G40UH-24A-045-05, G40UH-24A-045-06, G40UH-24A-045-07, G40UH-24A-045-10 G40UH-24A-045X-03, G40UH-24A-045X-07, G40UH-24A-045X-10 G40UH-24A-070-02, G40UH-24A-070-03, G40UH-24A-070-05, G40UH-24A-070-06, G40UH-24A-070-10 G40UH-36A-045X-10 G40UH-36A-070-03, G40UH-36A-070-05, G40UH-36A-070-10 G40UH-36A-070X-02, G40UH-36A-070X-07, G40UH-36A-070X-10 G40UH-36B-090-05 G40UH-36C-110-02, G40UH-36C-110-03 G40UH-48B-070-03 G40UH-48B-090-05, G40UH-48B-090-06, G40UH-48B-090-10 G40UH-48B-090X-03, G40UH-48B-090X-07 G40UH-48C-110-01, G40UH-48C-110-02, G40UH-48C-110-03, G40UH-48C-110-6, G40UH-48C-110-10 G40UH-48C-135-01, G40UH-48C-135-02, G48UH-48C-135-06 G40UH-60C-110-02, G40UH-60C-110-03, G40UH-60C-110-07 G40UH-60C-110X-03, G40UH-60C-110X-04, G40UH-60C-110X-05, G40UH-60C-110X-06 G40UH-60D-135-03, G40UH-60D-135-05, G40UH-60D-135-06, G40UH-60D-135-07 G40UH-60D-155-01, G40UH-60D-155-02, G40UH-60D-155-06, G40UH-60D-155-07 G41UF-24B-045-01 G41UF-48C-110-02 G41UF-60D-135-01, G41UF-660D-135-02 G43UF-24B-045-01 G43UF-24B-070-01 G43UF-36C-090-01 G43UF-48C-090-01 G43UF-60D-135-01 G50DF-24A-070-3 G50DF-36A-070-2 G50DF-36A-070X-2 G50DF-36B-090-3 G50DF-48C-090-6 G50DF-60C-110-5, G50DF-60C-110-6 G50DF-60D-135-5 G50UH-24A-045-01, G50UH-24A-045-03, G50UH-24A-045-06, G50UH-24A-045-07 G50UH-24A-045X-02 G50UH-24A-070-02, G50UH-24A-070-05, G50UH-24A-070-06 G50UH-36A-070-03, G50UH-36A-070-05 G50UH-36A-070X-01, G50UH-36A-070X-03, G50UH-36A-070X-05, G50UH-36A-070X-06 G50UH-36B-090-01, G50UH-36B-090-02, G50UH-36B-090-05 G50UH-36C-110-02, G50UH-36C-110-05, G50UH-36C-110-06, G50UH-36C-110-07 G50UH-48B-090X-01, G50UH-48B-090X-02 G50UH-48C-110-01, G50UH-48C-110-02, G50UH-48C-110-03, G50UH-48C-110-04, G50UH-48C-110-06 G50UH-48C-135-02, G50UH-48C-135-03, G50UH-48C-135-05, G50UH-48C-135-06, G50UH-48C-135-07 G50UH-60C-110-02, G50UH-60C-110-03, G50UH-60C-110-04 G50UH-60C-110X-07 G50UHI-48B-090-05 G50UHI-60D-135-07 G51MP-24B-045-01 G51MP-36B-045-01 G51MP-36C-090-02 G51MP-60C-110-01 GH32CV5-100-1, GH32CV5-100-3, GH32CV5-100-4 GHR26Q2/3-50-6, GHR26Q2/3-50-7 GHR26Q3/4-100-4, GHR26Q3/4-100-5, GHR26Q3/4-100-6, GHR26Q3/4-100-7, GHR26Q3/4-100-8 GHR26Q3-75-6, GHR26Q3-75-7 GHR26Q4/5-100-4, GHR26Q4/5-100-5, GHR26Q4/5-100-6, GHR26Q4/5-100-7, GHR26Q4/5-100-8 GHR26Q4/5-120-2, GHR26Q4/5-120-4, GHR26Q4/5-120-5, GHR26Q4/5-120-6, GHR26Q4/5-120-7 GHR32Q2/3-50-1 GHR32Q3-75-1, GHR32Q3-75-3 GHR32Q4/5-100-3 GHR32Q4/5-120-3 GHR32V3-75-4 GHR32V5-100-1, GHR32V5-100-3, GHR32V5-100-4

Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

Technical Hot and Cold offers the Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board OEM replacement part for sale online and over the phone. Call (734)326-3900 to speak with a technician for additional information on each Lennox replacement part.