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Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board

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4.00 LBS
New Part #:
Replaced by Part # Y7761
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Lennox 83M00 Surelight Ignition Control Board

  • Part Info & Specifications



    • (1) - Surelight Ignition Control Board (83M00)
    • (1) - Wiring Harness (9-pin to 12-pin) (LB-109532_5)
    • (1) - Wiring Harness (4-Pin to 6-Pin) (LB-109533_2)
    • (1) - Mounting Panel
    • (4) - Stand-off Fasteners (-)
    • (1) - Circuit Breaker (W28-X1081-3)
    • (1) - Wire (-)
    • (2) - Wiring Diagrams (535034W, 535,278W)
    • (1) - Installation Instructions (504,962M)


    • SI Dip Switches = Heat Off Delay:
    • SW1 (Off), SW2 (Off) = 60 Seconds
    • SW1 (Off), SW2 (On) = 90 Seconds
    • SW1 (On), SW2 (Off) = 120 Seconds
    • SW1 (On), SW2 (On) = 180 Seconds
    • SI Dip Switches = Cool Off Delay
    • SW3 (Off) = 2 Seconds
    • SW3 (On) = 45 Seconds

    Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

    • 32M88
    • 12L69
    • 69M08
    • 97L48
    • 56L84
    • 10M93
    • 56L83
    • 24L85
    • 63K89
    • LB-109531A
    • 97L4801
    • 69M0801
    • 63K8901
    • 56L8401
    • 56L8301
    • 32M8801
    • 24L8501
    • 12L6901
    • 10M9301

    Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers:

    50A62-120 White Rodgers, 50A62-121-06 White Rodgers, 50A65-120 White Rodgers, 50A65-121 White Rodgers, 50A66-123-04 White Rodgers, 100925-03, 1045P 157-2753, 150-0993, 1145 P, 5001 4909, 11128410200555, 4544E, Ignition Control Kit Surelight, 50A66-123-04, 100925-03, 150-0993, 1609 P, 11606410200610, ANSI 721.20 AUTOMATIC IGNITION SYSTEM 24VAC, 1194V0, LB-109531A SureLight Replacement Kit, T003132986

    Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    80MGF2-45A-11, 80MGF2-45A-12 80MGF2-60A-11 80MGF2-75A-12 80MGF2-75S-11, 80MGF2-75S-12 80MGF2X-45A-11, 80MGF2X-45A-12 80MGF3/4-100A-12 80MGF3/4-100S-12 80MGF3/4X-100A-11 80MGF3-60A-11, 80MGF3-60A-12 80MGF3-75A-11, 80MGF3-75A-12 80MGF3-75S-11 80MGF4/5-100S-12 80MGF4/5-120A-11 80MGF4/5-140A-11, 80MGF4/5-140A-12 80MGF4/5X-140A-11, 80MGF4/5-140A-12 80MGF4X-75A-11, 80MGF4X-75A-12 80UHG2-75A-2, 80UHG2-75A-3 80UHG2X-60A-3 80UHG2X-75A-2, 80UHG2X-75A-3 80UHG3/4-100A-2, 80UHG3/4-100A-3 80UHG3/4-120A-2 80UHG3-60A-2, 80UHG3-60A-3 80UHG3-75A-2, 80UHG3-75A-3 80UHG4/5-100A-3 80UHG4/5-120A-2, 80UHG4/5-120A-3 80UHG4/5X-100A-2 80UHG4/5X-120A-3 80UHG4-75A-3 80UHG4X-75A-2, 80UHG4X-75A-3 80UHGM2-45-2, 80UHGM2-45-3 80UHGM2-60-2 80UHGM3-120-2, 80UHGM3-120-3 80UHGM3-75-2, 80UHGM3-75-3 80UHGM4/5-100-2, 80UHGM4/5-100-3 80UHGM4/5-120-2, 80UHGM4/5-120-3 80UHGM4-75-2, 80UHGM4-75-3 90UGFA2-50-3, 90UGFA2-50-4 90UGFA3/4-100-5, 90UGFA3/4-100-6 90UGFA3-75-3, 90UGFA3-75-4 90UGFA4/5-125-5, 90UGFA4/5-125-6 G24M2-45S-7 G24M2-60A-7 G24M2-75A-9, G24M2-75A-11, G24M2-75A-12 G24M2-75S-11, G24M2-75S-12 G24M2X-45A-11, G24M2X-45A-12 G24M2X-45S-10, G24M2X-45S-11, G24M2X-45S-12 G24M3/4-100A-11, G24M3/4-100A-12 G24M3/4-100S-10, G24M3/4-100S-11, G24M3/4-100S-12 G24M3/4-120A-10 G24M3/4-120S-7, G24M3/4-120S-10, G24M3/4-120S-11 G24M3/4X-100A-11, G24M3/4X-100A-12 G24M3/4X-100S-10, G24M3/4X-100S-11, G24M3/4X-100S-12 G24M3-60A-10, G24M3-60A-11 G24M3-60S-10, G24M3-60S-12 G24M3-75A-10 G24M3-75S-10 G24M3X-60A-11, G24M3X-60A-12 G24M3X-60S-11, G24M3X-60S-12 G24M3X-75A-10 G24M4/5-100A-10, G24M4/5-100A-12 G24M4/5-100S-11, G24M4/5-100S-12 G24M4/5-120A-12 G24M4/5-140A-7, G24M4/5-140A-11 G24M4/5-140S-7, G24M4/5-140S-11 G24M4/5X-100A-10, G24M4/5X-100A-11, G24M4/5X-100A-12 G24M4/5X-100S-10, G24M4/5X-100S-12 G24M4/5X-120A-7, G24M4/5X-120A-12 G24M4/5X-120S-7, G24M4/5X-120S-10, G24M4/5X-120S-11, G24M4/5X-120S-12 G24M4-75A-7, G24M4-75A-10, G24M4-75A-11 G24M4-75S-10 G24M4X-75A-7, G24M4X-75A-10 G24M4X-75S-7 G26Q3/4-125-5 G26Q3-50-3 G26Q4/5-125-4, G26Q4/5-125-6 G26Q4/5-75-3, G26Q4/5-75-4 G27M2-60A-2 G27M3-75A-1 G27M4-100A-1 G32Q3/4-100-3 G32Q3-75-3 G32Q4/5-100-3 G32Q4/5-125-1, G32Q4/5-125-2, G32Q4/5-125-3 G32V3-75-3, G32V3-75-4 G32V5-100-3, G32V5-100-4 G32V5-125-1 G40DF-24A-045-1, G40DF-24A-045-7, G40DF-24A-045-9 G40DF-24A-045X-2 G40DF-36A-070-2, G40DF-36A-070-5, G40DF-36A-070-6, -7 G40DF-36A-070X-2, G40DF-36A-070X-5 G40DF-36B-090-1, G40DF-36B-090-5, G40DF-36B-090-9 G40DF-48C-090-3, G40DF-48C-090-5, G40DF-48C-090-6, G40DF-48C-090-7 G40DF-48C-090X-5 G40DF-48C-110-2, G40DF-48C-110-6 G40DF-48C-110X-2, G40DF-48C-110X-3 G40DF-60C-110-3, G40DF-60C-110-6 G40DF-60C-110X-03, G40DF-60C-110X-05 G40DF-60D-135-3, G40DF-60D-135-4, G40DF-60D-135-5, G40DF-60D-135-6, G40DF-60D-135-7 G40UH-24A-045-05, G40UH-24A-045-06, G40UH-24A-045-07, G40UH-24A-045-10 G40UH-24A-045X-03, G40UH-24A-045X-07, G40UH-24A-045X-10 G40UH-24A-070-02, G40UH-24A-070-03, G40UH-24A-070-05, G40UH-24A-070-06, G40UH-24A-070-10 G40UH-36A-045X-10 G40UH-36A-070-03, G40UH-36A-070-05, G40UH-36A-070-10 G40UH-36A-070X-02, G40UH-36A-070X-07, G40UH-36A-070X-10 G40UH-36B-090-05 G40UH-36C-110-02, G40UH-36C-110-03 G40UH-48B-070-03 G40UH-48B-090-05, G40UH-48B-090-06, G40UH-48B-090-10 G40UH-48B-090X-03, G40UH-48B-090X-07 G40UH-48C-110-01, G40UH-48C-110-02, G40UH-48C-110-03, G40UH-48C-110-6, G40UH-48C-110-10 G40UH-48C-135-01, G40UH-48C-135-02, G48UH-48C-135-06 G40UH-60C-110-02, G40UH-60C-110-03, G40UH-60C-110-07 G40UH-60C-110X-03, G40UH-60C-110X-04, G40UH-60C-110X-05, G40UH-60C-110X-06 G40UH-60D-135-03, G40UH-60D-135-05, G40UH-60D-135-06, G40UH-60D-135-07 G40UH-60D-155-01, G40UH-60D-155-02, G40UH-60D-155-06, G40UH-60D-155-07 G41UF-24B-045-01 G41UF-48C-110-02 G41UF-60D-135-01, G41UF-660D-135-02 G43UF-24B-045-01 G43UF-24B-070-01 G43UF-36C-090-01 G43UF-48C-090-01 G43UF-60D-135-01 G50DF-24A-070-3 G50DF-36A-070-2 G50DF-36A-070X-2 G50DF-36B-090-3 G50DF-48C-090-6 G50DF-60C-110-5, G50DF-60C-110-6 G50DF-60D-135-5 G50UH-24A-045-01, G50UH-24A-045-03, G50UH-24A-045-06, G50UH-24A-045-07 G50UH-24A-045X-02 G50UH-24A-070-02, G50UH-24A-070-05, G50UH-24A-070-06 G50UH-36A-070-03, G50UH-36A-070-05 G50UH-36A-070X-01, G50UH-36A-070X-03, G50UH-36A-070X-05, G50UH-36A-070X-06 G50UH-36B-090-01, G50UH-36B-090-02, G50UH-36B-090-05 G50UH-36C-110-02, G50UH-36C-110-05, G50UH-36C-110-06, G50UH-36C-110-07 G50UH-48B-090X-01, G50UH-48B-090X-02 G50UH-48C-110-01, G50UH-48C-110-02, G50UH-48C-110-03, G50UH-48C-110-04, G50UH-48C-110-06 G50UH-48C-135-02, G50UH-48C-135-03, G50UH-48C-135-05, G50UH-48C-135-06, G50UH-48C-135-07 G50UH-60C-110-02, G50UH-60C-110-03, G50UH-60C-110-04 G50UH-60C-110X-07 G50UHI-48B-090-05 G50UHI-60D-135-07 G51MP-24B-045-01 G51MP-36B-045-01 G51MP-36C-090-02 G51MP-60C-110-01 GH32CV5-100-1, GH32CV5-100-3, GH32CV5-100-4 GHR26Q2/3-50-6, GHR26Q2/3-50-7 GHR26Q3/4-100-4, GHR26Q3/4-100-5, GHR26Q3/4-100-6, GHR26Q3/4-100-7, GHR26Q3/4-100-8 GHR26Q3-75-6, GHR26Q3-75-7 GHR26Q4/5-100-4, GHR26Q4/5-100-5, GHR26Q4/5-100-6, GHR26Q4/5-100-7, GHR26Q4/5-100-8 GHR26Q4/5-120-2, GHR26Q4/5-120-4, GHR26Q4/5-120-5, GHR26Q4/5-120-6, GHR26Q4/5-120-7 GHR32Q2/3-50-1 GHR32Q3-75-1, GHR32Q3-75-3 GHR32Q4/5-100-3 GHR32Q4/5-120-3 GHR32V3-75-4 GHR32V5-100-1, GHR32V5-100-3, GHR32V5-100-4

    Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane, Magic Chef, and Magic-Pak Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

    If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

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