Lennox Y4749 Pulse Furnace Ignition Control Board

Lennox Y4749 Pulse Furnace Ignition Control Board
Lennox Y4749 Pulse Furnace Ignition Control Board
Item# Y4749
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Product Description

Lennox Y4749 Pulse Furnace Ignition Control Board

Lennox Y4749 Control Board


  • (1) - Control Box
  • (2) - Spade Connectors
  • (1) - Jumper Wire w/ Resister
  • (1) - Installation Instructions


  • Manufacture: Baso
  • Model Number: BGN891
  • Pre-Purge: 30 Seconds
  • Trial: 5 @ 8 Seconds
  • Retry Continously every 60 Seconds
  • Inter - Purge: 30 Seconds
  • Post Purge: 30 Seconds
  • Voltage: 24
  • Hertz: 50/60
  • NEC Class 2
  • Valve 4A Max.
  • Current Draw: 0.2 Amperage
  • Blower Motor: 120/240VAC 6A Max.
  • Spark Gap: 0.2 IN. Max.

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 60J00, 99C9701PR, 99C9701, 96C6601, 87F2201, 77C3801, 56G1401PR, 41F4601PR, 34K8301

Replaces Old Allied Part Numbers:

  • Nothing

Other Part Numbers:

  • Baso, BGN891-2, W1209, W1208CR, ANSI Z21.20 Can/CSA-C222, No. 199-M89, BGN891, BASO-INS-NGN891, VSP1-1, BGN891-2C

Fits Lennox Model Numbers: (Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

  • G14-100-1, G14-130-1, G14-40-15, G14-40-2, G14-40-23, G14-40-3, G14-40-4, G14-40-5, G14-40-6, G14-60-12, G14-60-2, G14-60-20, G14-60-22, G14-60-23, G14-60-3, G14-60-4, G14-60-6, G14-80-1, G14-80-11, G14-80-13, G14-80-3, G14-80-7, G14-80-8, G14-80-9, G14Q3-100-5, G14Q3-40-2, G14Q3-60-12, G14Q3-60-15, G14Q3-60-19, G14Q3CAN-40-1, G14Q3CAN-40-22, G14Q3CAN-40-3, G14Q3CAN-40-4, G14Q3CAN-40-5, G14Q3CAN-60-1, G14Q3CAN-60-22, G14Q3CAN-60-23, G14Q3CAN-60-5, G14Q3CAN-60-6, G14Q3CAN-80-1, G14Q3CAN-80-22, G14Q3CAN-80-3, G14Q3CAN-80-4,G14Q3CAN-80-5, G14Q4/5CAN-100-6, G14Q4/5CAN-100-7, G14Q4CAN-60-1, G14Q4CAN-60-4, G14Q4CAN-60-5, G14Q4CAN-60-6, G14Q4CAN-80-21, G14Q4CAN-80-5, G14Q5CAN-100-6, G14Q5CAN-100-7, G21Q3-40-3, G21Q3-40-4, G21Q3-60-2, G21Q3-80-3, G21Q3-80-4, G21Q4/5-100-3, G21Q4/5-100-4, G21Q4/5-100-5, G21Q4-80-4, G21Q5-100-2, G21Q5-80-2, GCS16W-1353-270-1, GCS16W-1353-270-2, GCS16W-1353-270-4, GCS16W-1353-270-5, GCS16W-1353-270-6, GCS16W-1353-270-7, GHP16-953-2, GHP16-953-3, GHP16-953-180-1, GHP16-953-180-2, GHP16-953-180-3, GSR14Q3-50-1, GSR14Q3-80-3, GSR14Q3-80-4, GSR14Q3-80-5, GSR14Q3-80-7, GSR14Q3-80-8, GSR14Q4/5-100-2, GSR14Q4/5-100-3, GSR14Q4/5-100-5, GSR14Q4/5-100-6, GSR14Q4/5-80-1, GSR14Q4/5-80-10, GSR14Q4/5-80-2, GSR14Q4/5-80-3, GSR14Q4/5-80-4, GSR14Q4/5-80-5, GSR14Q4/5-80-6, GSR14Q4-50-1, GSR14Q4-50-4, GSR14Q4-50-5, GSR14Q4-50-6, GSR14Q4-50-9, GSR21CVS-100-4, GSR21CVS-80-4, GSR21Q3-50-7, GSR21Q3-80-4, GSR21Q4/5-100-7, GSR21Q4/5-100-8, GSR21Q4/5-80-7, GSR21Q4/5-80-8, GSR21Q4-50-7, GSR21Q4-50-8, GSR21V5-100-7, GSR21V5-100-8, GSR21V5-80-12

Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Models:

  • None (Please Call Technical Hot and Cold with model and serial numbers for further information 734-326-3900)

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