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Unlock worldwide access to premium OEM A/C repair parts for major brands. From compressors to motors, we've got you covered. Stuck on finding a specific part? Our experts are just a call away. Count on us to swiftly solve your repair needs. Shipments delivered worldwide.

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Winter-Ready Furnace Repair Parts

Don't let the cold catch you off guard. Ensure uninterrupted warmth with our comprehensive selection of furnace repair parts. Find what you need for all major brands. Search by model or part number online. Can't locate it? Reach out to us via call, email, or visit our Westland, MI store. Stay cozy and confident all winter long.

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Walk-In Parts Department

Visit Our Store, Public Welcome

Experience convenience firsthand! Skip shipping and visit our Michigan parts counter. Serving HVAC/R needs for 25+ years, we offer quality repair parts to homeowners and businesses. Walk-ins welcome!

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Specialty Chiller Parts

Hard-to-Find Process Chiller Parts

With our many service partnerships with specialty chiller brands and well-known building chiller brands such as Carrier, Trane, and York, we can help you track down those hard to find chiller repair parts at reasonable prices.

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Real Parts from Our Westland, MI Warehouse

Don't get fooled by the dropshippers. We stock thousands of HVAC parts in our Westland, MI warehouse. Because we cut out the middle man, order returns, modifications, and cancellations are easy!

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Large Selection of HVAC Parts

We stock a large quantity of OEM heating and cooling parts to get you back up and running.

Furnace Replacement Parts

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The Technical Hot & Cold Difference

We exercise our expertise and are committed to customer satisfaction. Since 1991, we have been sourcing and supplying HVAC parts for homeowners, commercial contractors, and maintenance personnel. As such, we have established ourselves in the industry by offering efficient and effective solutions to clients of every background.

With a diverse clientele, we ensure that everyone can easily find the exact parts that they need. We simplify the search for our customers by offering several solutions to find the HVAC parts they need. Customers can search for parts by brand, category, and model number for an easy search experience.

If you have a hard time finding the part you need, we have contact forms to discuss your situation. After your call, our team will ship out the parts from our warehouse and help you install them. All HVAC parts come with a one-year warranty, assuring you of their legitimate quality. Learn more about our dedication to helping our clients!


Our team of professionals includes trained mechanics and seasoned technicians who stay ready to help customers resolve their HVAC issues. We have remained dedicated to our customers for decades and are always ready to help you. Likewise, we guarantee that your activity in our shop is secure. We value your comfort and satisfaction. Count on us to spend time understanding your unique situation to effectively solve your problems.

Genuine Parts

Our collection of furnace and A/C parts is undeniably genuine. We only supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure your repair or replacement project turns out successful. After all, your success is our success. You can rest assured that we are not in the business of delivering universal parts masquerading as OEM for the sake of profit.

Competitive Prices

We offer our OEM brands at competitive prices, with upfront pricing. We understand that when equipment breaks down, it can be an unexpected cost, so we try our best to deliver competitive prices with top-notch customer service. What sets us apart from them is our expertise, which amounts to decades of dedication to our clients. Count on us to offer what you need at reasonable prices.

One-year Warranty

All of our parts carry a one-year warranty. Although we guarantee products of the highest quality in our collection, you may realize that you needed another item. As such, we offer a 365-day return policy that goes into effect once you place an order. Consider seeking assistance from our seasoned parts specialists and technicians to find the exact parts you need.

Ongoing Support

We extend our dedication to customer satisfaction by offering ongoing support to resolve your technical issues. Our professional team guarantees that we have encountered nearly all types of issues and know how to find the solution. Get in touch with our HVAC/R experts online or by phone for comprehensive assistance when installing or replacing the parts you purchased.

Get in Touch

Submit a contact form for further support in finding the furnace and A/C replacement parts you need! Our team will gladly help you assess your problem, and help determine the repair parts that you need. We are standing by to answer any questions and resolve all issues. Fill out our contact form now for assistance.

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Genuine Heating & Cooling Repair Parts
for Residential and Commercial Purposes

At Technical Hot & Cold Parts, our mission is to ensure homeowners and commercial contractors have access to any HVAC parts. In all our years of service, we have encountered many unreliable suppliers that offer fake products. Our team resents this behavior and resolves to be different.

As such, we are proud to provide genuine HVAC parts and offer them through honest customer service. At the same time, we are confident in our knowledge of the parts we sell and are able to guide you through your repairing experience. Allow us to assist you throughout your journey in finding parts and correctly installing them.

Furnace Replacement Parts

Process Cooling Chiller Parts

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