BKW B1000356 Compressor

BKW B1000356 Compressor
BKW B1000356 Compressor
Item# B1000356
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Product Description

BKW B1000356 Compressor

BKW B1000356 Compressor



  • (1) - Compressor (B1000356)


  • Manufacturer: Tecumseh
  • Type: Reciprocating
  • Application: HBP (High Back Pressure)
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Voltage/Frequency: 440V 3~ 60 Hz, 400V 3~ 50Hz
  • Evaporating Temp. Range: -15C - 15C (5F - 59F)
  • Motor Torque: High start torque
  • Compressor Cooling: Fan
  • Displacement: 32.7
  • Oil Type: Polyolester
  • Viscosity: 32 cST
  • Oil Charge: 787 cc
  • Voltage range (50 Hz): 340-440
  • Voltage range (60 Hz): 396-499
  • Locked rotor amps: 14 LRA
  • Rated load amps (50 Hz): 2.3 RLA
  • Rated load amps (60 Hz): 2.1 RLA
  • MAx. continuous current (MCC in Amps): 3.4
  • Motor resistance (Ohm) - Main: 15.3
  • Motor resistance (Ohm) - start: 15.3
  • Motor type: 3PH
  • Certifications: CE listed, GOST RUSSIA listed, GOST UKRAINE listed, IRAM listed, VDE listed
  • Protection: Thermal
  • Country of Origin: France

Replaces Old BKW Part Numbers:

  • There are no older part numbers.

Other Part Numbers:

AJE4511YTZ, TAJ4511Y, 34248A, AJ4YP1TF603, 53D201800185600A, 682050, AJ4YP1TF603, 1100063244, 366455, BKW K-W-V GMBH, 189031-002, AJ4YP1TF603A10

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Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

What are the symptoms of a BKW Compressor not working?

No cooling. Breaker trips. A failing compressor may make significant noise on startup.

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