• Beaver 290480 Nutless Wonder Towels

    Universal Parts

    Beaver 290480 Nutless Wonder Towels


    Includes:(1) - Nutless Wonder Towels (290490)Specifications:Count: 90Used for: Grease, Grime, Oil, Tar and Many Other Soils.5% Ethol alcohol by weight in each tub.Replaces Old Beaver Part Numbers:There are no older part numbers.Other Part Numbers:Beaver...

  • Beaver Research 290235 Nut Scrub Hand Cleaner

    Universal Parts

    Beaver Research 290235 Nut Scrub Hand Cleaner


    Includes:(1) - Nut Scrub Hand Cleaner (290235)Specifications:A Concentrated, Water-based Hand Cleaner That Liquefies And Removes Stubborn Soils Grease Tar Ink Paint And More. Cleans And Conditions Dry Damaged Hands With The Scrubbing Power Of Walnuts...

  • Stoelting 637003I Sanitizer and Cleaner Packet


    Stoelting 637003I Sanitizer & Cleaner Packet


    Includes:(1) - Sanitizer & Cleaner Packet (SSG1002I)Specifications:Manufacturer: Purdy Products Co.Net Weight: 2 Oz.Active Ingredients: Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione Dihydrate*: 2.4%Other Ingredients: 97.6%*Available Chlorine: 1.34%Replaces Old...

  • Universal Parts

    Beaver Research 250730 Shoplifter Autoscrub


    Includes:(1) - Shoplifter Autoscrub (250730)Specifications:1 GallonReplaces Old Beaver Research Part Numbers:There are no older part numbers.Other Part Numbers:250730, 200286, For Industrial Use Only, Net Contents: 1 Gallon,...

  • Beaver Research Company 580120 Disinfectant Tugs

    Universal Parts

    Beaver Research Company 580120 Disinfectant Tugs


    Includes:(1) - Disinfectant Tugs (580120)Specifications:Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Cleaning WipesVirucidial, Fungicidal, Bactericidal, Tuberculocidial, Pseudomicidal. Kills Pandemic 2009 H N Influenza A Virus(Formerly Called Swine Flu)A Non-woven...

  • Carrier

    Carrier P902-2001 Electronic Air Cleaner Concentrate


    Includes:(1) - Electronic Air Cleaner Concentrate (P902-2001)Specifications:Water Soluble Safety Solvent Easily Removes Grease, Soot, Grime, Oil, Tobacco Tars, Wax, arbon, Gummy Dust and Many Other Stubborn Deposits.Country of Origin: USAReplaces Old...

  • Universal Parts

    Beaver 200105 T-Bea Disinfectant


    Includes:(1) - T-Bea Disinfectant (200105)Specifications:Manufacturer: BeaverTuberculocidal ActivityThis Product ExhibitsDisinfectant EfficacyAgainst Mycobacterium Tuberculosis BCG At 20┬░Centigrade When The Treated Surface Is Allowedto Remain Wet For 5...

  • Universal Parts

    Beaver Research 110140 Jackhammer Concentrate


    Includes:(1) - Jackhammer Concentrate (110140)Specifications:Manufacturer: Beaver ResearchManufacturer Part #: 110140Jackhammer Concentrate is a powerful and completely safe acid replacement cleaning system. It replaces acid and acid blend products to...

  • Universal Parts

    Beaver Research BPK2K Non-chlorinated High Performance Degreaser


    Includes:(1) - Non chlorinated High Performance Degreaser (BPK2K)Specifications:Blasts Away Deposits No Fouled Waste Oil Removes Brake Fluid, Grease and Oil Contains no Lead, Phosphorus or SiliconReplaces Old Beaver Research Part Numbers:There are no...

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