Lennox 40F83 Blower Wheel

Lennox 40F83 Blower Wheel
Lennox 40F83 Blower Wheel
Item# 40F83
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Product Description

Lennox 40F83 Blower Wheel

Lennox 40F83 Replacement Part


  • (1) - Blower Wheel (40F83)


  • Manufacturer: Morrison
  • Diameter: 11 3/4"
  • Width: 9 1/2"
  • Bore: 1/2"
  • Rotation: Clockwise Facing Hub
  • Set Screws: 1

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 71L24
  • 81A15
  • 40F84
  • 31G65
  • 13B43
  • 59259
  • 13B4301
  • 81A1501
  • LB-29333BBJ
  • 71L2401
  • 31G6501

Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

  • R20297904
  • B4308483
  • 81A1501
  • LB-29333BBJ

Other Part Numbers:

40F86, 03-54056, 11-9 DD 0.50, CLW CV WHL, C999, BC23, 1411908344901A26, 6880/5680, #01A, MP-D

Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

AF80MPA050B3-A, AF80MPA050B3-B, AF80MPA075B3-A, AF80MPA075B3-B, AF90MPB050C3-1, AF90MPB050C3-B-1, AF90MPB050U2/U3-1, AF90MPB075C3-1, AF90MPB075C3-B-1, AF90MPB075U2-1, AF90MPB075U3-1, AF90MPE050U2-1, AF90MPE050U2-B-1, AF90MPE050U3-1, AF90MPE050U3-B-1, AF90MPE075U2-1, AF90MPE075U2-B-1, AF90MPE075U3-1, AF90MPE075U3-B-1, AF92MPB050C3-1, AF92MPB075C3-1, AF92MPE050U2-1, AF92MPE050U3-1, AF92MPE075U2-1, AF92MPE075U3-1, AF92V050U3-1, AF92V075U3-1, CB26UH-018-1, CB26UH-018-230-1, CB26UH-018-R-1, CB26UH-018-R-230-1, CB26UH-024-1, CB26UH-024-230-1, CB26UH-024-R-1, CB26UH-024-R-230-1, CBX26UH-018-1, CBX26UH-018-230-1, CBX26UH-024-1, CBX26UH-024-230-1, G13D2-80-1, G13Q3-80-1, GS11D2-80-0, GS11D2-80-1, GS11D2-80-2, GS11D2E-80-0, GS11D2E-80-2, GS11D2E-80-3, GS11D2E-80-4, GS11D2E-80-5, GS11D-60-1, GS11D-80-0, GS11D-80-1, GS11D-80-2, GS11DE-60-0, GS11DE-60-2, GS11DE-60-3, GS11DE-60-4, GS11DE-60-5, GS11DE-80-0, GS11DE-80-2, GS11DE-80-3, GS11DE-80-4, GS11DE-80-5, GS11E-60-2, GS11E-60-3, GS11E-80-0, GS11E-80-2, GS11E-80-3, GS11Q3-60-1, GS11Q3-80-0, GS11Q3-80-1, GS11Q3-80-2, GS11Q3E-60-0, GS11Q3E-60-2, GS11Q3E-60-3, GS11Q3E-60-4, GS11Q3E-60-5, GS11Q3E-80-0, GS11Q3E-80-2, GS11Q3E-80-3, GS11Q3E-80-4, GS11Q3E-80-5, GS12Q3-60-1, GS12Q3-80-1, GS12Q3X-60-1, GS12Q3X-80-1, GS15X-40-1, GS15X-40-2, GS15X-40-3, GS15X-60-1, GS15X-60-2, GS15X-60-3, GS16Q3-50-1, GS16Q3-50-2, GS16Q3-50-3, GS16Q3-50-4, GS16Q3-75-1, GS16Q3-75-2, GS16Q3-75-3, GS16Q3-75-4, GS18Q3-50-1, GS18Q3-50-3, GS18Q3-50-4, GS18Q3-50-5, GS18Q3-50-6, GS18Q3-50-7, GS18Q3-50-8, GS18Q3-50-9, GS18Q3-50-10, GS18Q3-50-11, GS18Q3-75-1, GS18Q3-75-3, GS18Q3-75-4, GS18Q3-75-5, GS18Q3-75-6, GS18Q3-75-7, GS18Q3-75-8, GS18Q3-75-9, GS18Q3-75-10, GS18Q3-75-11, GS18Q3E-50-1, GS18Q3E-50-3, GS18Q3E-50-4, GS18Q3E-50-5, GS18Q3E-50-6, GS18Q3E-50-7, GS18Q3E-50-8, GS18Q3E-50-9, GS18Q3E-50-10, GS18Q3E-50-11, GS18Q3E-75-1, GS18Q3E-75-3, GS18Q3E-75-4, GS18Q3E-75-5, GS18Q3E-75-6, GS18Q3E-75-7, GS18Q3E-75-8, GS18Q3E-75-9, GS18Q3E-75-10, GS18Q3E-75-11, RBCS2M18-1, RBCS2M24-1

Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

CMPA050C3-1, CMPA050U3-1, CMPA075C3-1, CMPA075U3-1, CMPB050C3-1, CMPB050C3A-1, CMPB050C3B-1, CMPB050U2-1, CMPB050U2A-1, CMPB050U3-1, CMPB050U3A-1, CMPB075C3-1, CMPB075C3A-1, CMPB075C3B-1, CMPB075U2-1, CMPB075U2A-1, CMPB075U3-1, CMPB075U3A-1, CMPE050U2-1, CMPE050U2B-1, CMPE050U3-1, CMPE050U3B-1, CMPE075U2-1, CMPE075U2B-1, CMPE075U3-1, CMPE075U3B-1, CMPEV050U3-1, CMPEV075U3-1, DPGB050A3-1, DPGB050A3B-1, DPGB075A3-1, DPGB075A3B-1, FPBB050A3B-1, FPBB075A3B-1, FPBB075A4B-1, G1N80BH050D12A-1, G1N80BH075D12A-1, G1N80BH075D16A-1, MPGA050B3-1, F/HORZ-1, OP.BTM-1, W/FLTR-1, MPGA050B3A-1, W/FLTR-1, MPGA050B3B-1, MPGA050B3X-1, MPGA075B3-1, F/HORZ-1, OP.BTM-1, W/FLTR-1, MPGA075B3A-1, W/FLTR-1, MPGA075B3B-1, MPGA125B5X-LESS, MOTOR-1, MPGAV050B3-1, MPGAV075B3-1

If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.