Lennox 58H22 Fan Motor

Lennox 58H22 Fan Motor
Item# 58H22
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Product Description

Lennox 58H22 Fan Motor

Lennox 58H22 Replacement Part


  • (1) - Fan Motor (58H22)

Note: Always check the fan blade on your fan assembly. Bad or unbalanced fan blades can cause premature motor failure due to vibration. If you are not sure what fan blade fits your fan assembly, call us at 734-326-3900.

To prevent premature motor failure, it is highly recommended you change your capacitor along with your motor. Capacitors out of tolerance can cause motors to overheat and prematurely fail. If you are unsure of what capacitor is required for your unit, please call us at 734-326-3900.

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 32843
  • P-8-8711
  • 58H2201

Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

  • There are no older part numbers.

Other Part Numbers:

Lennox 58H2201 Fan Motor, 3/4HP, 208-230 Volts, 60 Hz, 1075 RPM

Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

B10-65-1, B10-65-2, CHA9-511-1, CHA9-511-3, CHA9-511-4, CHA9-513-1, CHA9-513-3, CHA9-513-4, CHA9-651-1, CHA9-653-1, CHP9-511-1, CHP9-511-3, CHP9-511-4, CHP9-513-1, CHP9-513-3, CHP9-513-4, CHP9-651-1, CHP9-653-1, E10Q5-1121-1, E10Q5-1121-2, E10Q5-1123-1, E10Q5-1123-2, E10Q5-751-1, E10Q5-751-2, E10Q5-941-1, E10Q5-941-2, E11Q5-1121-1, E11Q5-1121-2, E11Q5-1121-3, E11Q5-1123-1, E11Q5-1123-2, E11Q5-1123-3, E11Q5-751-1, E11Q5-751-3, E11Q5-941-1, E11Q5-941-3, ES5Q5-1021-1, ES5Q5-1021-2, ES5Q5-1023-1, ES5Q5-1023-2, ES5Q5-1101-1, ES5Q5-1101-2, ES5Q5-1103-1, ES5Q5-1103-2, ES5Q5-711-1, ES5Q5-711-2, ES5Q5-781-1, ES5Q5-781-2, ES5Q5-861-1, ES5Q5-861-2, ES5Q5-941-1, ES5Q5-941-2, ES5Q5-943-1, ES5Q5-943-2, G11-137-2, G11-165-2, G11-165-3, G11Q3-137-2, G11Q4-137-2, G11Q5-137-2, G11Q5-137V-2, G11Q5-165-2, G11Q5-165-3, G11Q5-165V-2, G11Q5-165V-3, G11R-165-1, G11R-165-2, G11RQ3-137-1, G11RQ3-137V-1, G11RQ5-137-1, G11RQ5-137V-1, GCS6-211-45A-1, GCS6-211-45A-2, GCS6-211-45A-3, GCS6-261-45A-1, GCS6-261-45A-2, GCS6-261-45A-3, GCS6-261-90A-1, GCS6-261-90A-2, GCS6-261-90A-3, GCS6-311-75A-1, GCS6-311-75A-2, GCS6-311-75A-3, GCS6-411-120A-1, GCS6-411-120A-2, GCS6-411-120A-3, GCS6-411-75A-1, GCS6-411-75A-2, GCS6-411-75A-3, GCS6-413-120A-1, GCS6-413-120A-2, GCS6-413-120A-3, GCS6-413-75A-1, GCS6-413-75A-2, GCS6-413-75A-3, GCS6-461-100A-1, GCS6-461-100A-2, GCS6-461-100A-3, GCS6-463-100A-1, GCS6-463-100A-2, GCS6-463-100A-3, GCS6-511-100A-1, GCS6-511-100A-2, GCS6-511-100A-3, GCS6-511-150A-1, GCS6-511-150A-2, GCS6-511-150A-3, GCS6-513-100A-1, GCS6-513-100A-2, GCS6-513-100A-3, GCS6-513-150A-1, GCS6-513-150A-2, GCS6-513-150A-3, GCS6-651-150/75A-1, GCS6-651-150/75A-2, GCS6-651-150/75A-3, GCS6-651-150A-1, GCS6-651-150A-2, GCS6-651-150A-3, GCS6-653-150/75A-1, GCS6-653-150/75A-2, GCS6-653-150/75A-3, GCS6-653-150A-1, GCS6-653-150A-2, GCS6-653-150A-3, GS10Q3-120-2, GS10Q3-120V-2, GS10Q4-120-2, GS10Q4-120V-2, GS10Q5-120-2, GS10Q5-120V-2, MGCS6-1, MGCS6-2, MGCS6-3, O12Q5-168-1

Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.