Start Capacitor

  • Carrier

    Carrier K146-45 Start Capacitor Kit


    Carrier K146-45 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor Kit (K146-45)Specifications176-216MFD 330VReplaces Old Carrier Part Numbers85PS330D18

  • Carrier P281-1456 Start Capacitor


    Carrier P281-1456 Start Capacitor


    Carrier P281-1456 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Capacitor (P281-1456)SpecificationsManufacturer: TotalineCapacitor Type: StartVoltage: 330 Hertz: 50/60MFD: 145-175Color: BlackShape: CylinderHeight: 4-1/4"Outer Diameter: 2-9/16"Country of Origin:...

  • Electrolux 5304493313 Start Capacitor


    Electrolux 5304493313 Start Capacitor

    Includes:(1) - Start Capacitor (5304493313)Specifications:Manufacturer: NGMModel # 60A4D160189NBEBMicrofarad Rating: 208Tolerance: +/- 10%Voltage: 165Hertz: 50/60Height of Can: 3 7/8"Diameter of Can: 1 3/4"Lead Length: 8 5/8"Replaces Old Electrolux Part...

  • International Refrigeration Products

    International Refrigeration Products CS145x110 Start Capacitor


    International Refrigeration Products CS145x110 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor (CS145x110)SpecificationsManufacturer: International Refrigeration ProductsManufacturer Part #: CS145x110Voltage: 110 MFD: 145-175Replaces Old International...

  • Lennox 58326 Start Capacitor


    Lennox 58326 Start Capacitor


    Lennox 58326 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor (58326)SpecificationsManufacturer: N/A Type: StartMFD: 88-108Voltage: 250 Shape: RoundTolerance Range+-: N/AReplaces Old Lennox Part NumbersP-8-3576Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord,...

  • Lennox

    Lennox 63W23 Start Capacitor w/Relay


    Lennox 63W23 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor w/Relay (63W23)SpecificationsManufacturer: BMIManufacturer Part #: 47A6001Voltage: 330 Hertz: 50/60MFD: 88-108Shape: RoundHeight: 4 1/4"Outer Diameter: 2"Country of Origin: USAReplaces Old...

  • Hoffman nVent 10103214SP Start Capacitor


    nVent 10103214SP Start Capacitor


    nVent 10103214SP Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor (10103214SP)SpecificationsShape: RoundMicrofarad: 72-88VAC: 330Hertz: 50/60Height of Can: 3 3/8"Diameter of Can: 1 3/4"Replaces Old nVent Part NumbersThere are no older part numbers.Other...

  • Trane

    Trane CPT02329 Start Capacitor


    Trane CPT02329 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor (CPT02329)(1) - Resistor (-)SpecificationsVoltage: 330RoundFits Trane and American Standard Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)4A6Z0036A1000CA, 4A7Z0048A1000CA,...

  • York Coleman

    York Coleman S1-02425075700 Start Capacitor


    York Coleman S1-02425075700 Replacement PartIncludes:(1) - Start Capacitor (S1-02425075700)Specifications161-193 MFD250 VReplaces Old York Coleman Part...

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