• Carrier 322666-701 Transformer


    Carrier 322666-701 Transformer



    NOTE: THIS PART IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. IT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY PART # HT680054Includes:(1) - Transformer (322666-701)Specifications:Manufacturer: TE ConnectivityModel# 4600-01V04K28Type: Class 2Volt-Amps: 40Hertz: 60PRIMARYVoltage: 120Wires:...

  • ICP 1177217 Transformer


    ICP 1177217 Transformer


    Includes:(1) - Transformer (1177217)Specifications:Manufacturer: Basler ElectricModel # BE151840GDDVolt-Amps: 40Hertz: 50/60PRIMARYVoltage: 120Wires: Black/WhiteSECONDARYVoltage(AC): 24Wires: Blue/RedCountry of Origin: MexicoReplaces Old ICP Part...

  • Carrier HT680054 Transformer


    Carrier HT680054 Transformer


    Includes:(1) - Transformer (HT680054)Specifications:Manufacturer: Hartland ControlsModel # HCTY01VE0K201103Type: Class 2Insulation Class: BVolt-Amps: 40Hertz: 60PRIMARYVoltage: 120White Wire: CommonBlack Wire: 120VSECONDARYVoltage(AC): 24Blue/ Red Wire:...

  • Goodman Amana 202300900080 Transformer

    Goodman Amana

    Goodman Amana 202300900080 Transformer



    Includes:(1) - Transformer (202300900080)Specifications:Manufacturer: Wan XinType: TF2-G55-1FVoltage: 220Replaces Old Goodman Amana Part Numbers:2230090080Other Part Numbers:A/C TRANS, Transformer, WANXIN, Power Transformer, TF2-G55-1F, 41*26.5,...

  • Thermo Pride 350464 Transformer

    Thermo Pride

    Thermo Pride 350464 Transformer


    Parts purchased must be installed by a qualified technician. If you need help locating a technician, contact us.Includes:(1) - Transformer (350464)Specifications:Manufacturer: Basler ElectricModel# BE121640GDDType: Class 2Volt-Amps: 40Hertz:...

  • Carrier HT01CN241 Transformer


    Carrier HT01CN241 Transformer



    Includes:(1) - Transformer (HT01CN241)Specifications:Manufacturer: Tyco ElectronicsPrimary Voltage: 208-230Secondary Voltage: 24Hertz: 60VA: 40Class: 2Country of Origin: MexicoReplaces Old Carrier Part Numbers:HT01BD208Other Part Numbers:00662442632913,...

  • Lennox 47K20 Transformer


    Lennox 47K20 Transformer


    Includes:(1) - Transformer (47K20)Specifications:Manufacturer: Basler ElectricModel# BE312640GEKType: Class 2Volt-Amps: 40Hertz: 60PRIMARYVoltage: 208/240Connections: 1/4" Quick Connect Spade TerminalsSECONDARYVoltage(AC): 24Connections: 3/16" Quick...

  • Carrier HT01BC701 Transformer


    Carrier HT01BC701 Transformer


    Includes:(1) - Transformer (HT01BC701)Specifications:Manufacturer: Basler ElectricModel # BE33426001Input Voltage: 460Hertz: 60Input Wiring: Red & Black with Female Quick Connect EndsAuto Output Voltage: 230 Volt Amperage: 1,564 Output Wiring: Yellow &...

  • ICP

    ICP 1054639 Trans 460/575>230 110va


    Includes:(1) - Trans 460/575>230 110va (1054639)Specifications:Manufacturer: TE Connectivity Manufacturer Part #: 4700-181CB30AC191Voltage: 110 Hertz: 60Country of Origin: Mexico Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers:There are no older part numbers.Other Part...

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