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Carrier HC43AQ116 Blower Motor

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15.00 LBS
Shaft Diameter:
Shaft Length:
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Carrier HC43AQ116 Blower Motor

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Carrier HC43AQ116 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Blower Motor (HC43AQ116)


    • Manufacturer: Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., LTD.
    • Model # Y7L623D52
    • Horsepower: 1/2
    • Voltage: 115
    • Hertz: 60
    • Full Load Amperage: 7.5
    • Phase: Single
    • RPM: 1075
    • Speeds: 4
    • Frame: 48
    • Thermally Protected
    • Motor Cooling: Air Over Continuous
    • Insulation Class: B
    • Bearings: Sleeve
    • Mount: Belly Band
    • Capacitor Required: 10 MFD @ 370VAC
    • Rotation: Counterclockwise Lead End
    • Shaft Type: Single Side Flat Shaft
    • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
    • Shaft Length: 4 3/5"
    • Wiring Diagram:
    • Number of Wires (Including Ground Wire): 8
    • Brown Wires (x2): Capacitor
    • White Wire: Common (Control Board)
    • Green Wire: Ground
    • Black Wire: High Speed
    • Yellow Wire: Medium High Speed
    • Blue Wire: Medium Low Speed
    • Red Wire: Low Speed

    🔧 Note: Always check the blower wheel on your blower assembly. Bad or unbalanced blower wheels can cause premature motor failure due to vibration. If you are not sure what blower wheel fits your blower assembly, call us at 734-326-3900.

    Note: Choose one speed for Cooling terminal on control board, and one speed for Heating terminal. The other two speeds should be attached to the "PARK" terminals on the board. (The speed will be determined by a certified technician).

    Replaces Old Carrier Part Numbers

    • HC43AE116

    Other Part Numbers

    Replacement Components Division, Factory Authorized Parts, HC 43AQ 116, 0 08 22529 50308 0, CARRIER CORPORATION, QCPASSED N5025, Y7L623D52, 20131110

    Fits Carrier, Bryant, Payne Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    375A--060120-A--, 376A--060110-A--, 376B--060115-A--, 376B--060115-B--, 394AAD060125-A--, 394AAD060150-A--, 394GAD000125AFAA, 394GAD000125AFDA, 394GAD060095-D--, 394GAD060095-E--, 394GAD060115-D--, 394GAD060115-E--, 394GAD060125AFEA, 394GAD060125AFFA, 394GAD060125GFEA, 394GAD060125-A--, 394GAD060125-B--, 394GAD060125-C--, 394GAD060125-E--, 394GAD060150AEEA, 394GAD060150AEFA, 394GAD060150GEEA, 394GAD060150-A--, 394GAD060150-E--, 394GAW060095-D--, 394GAW060095-E--, 394GAW060115-D--, 94GAW060115-E--, 394GAW060125-A--, 394GAW060125-E--, 394GAW060135-D--, 394GAW060135-E--, 394GAW060150-A--, 394GAW060150-E--, 394GAW060155-D--, 394GAW060155-E--, 394GAW060175-A--, 394GAW060175-E--, 394GAW060200-A--, 394GAW060200-E--, 394GAZ060125AAEA, 394GAZ060125AAFA, 394GAZ060125GAEA, 394GAZ060150AAEA, 394GAZ060150AAFA,394GAZ060150GAEA, 394GAZ060175AAEA, 394GAZ060175AAFA, 394GAZ060175GAEA, 394GAZ060200AAEA, 394GAZ060200AAFA, 394GAZ060200GAEA, 394JAZ060095AAFA, 394J--060095-A--,94J--060095-B--, 395A--060090-A--, 395A--060100-A--, 395A--060110-A--, 395A--060120-A--, 395B--060095-A--, 395B--060120-A--, 395B--060120-B--, 395B--060130-A--, 395B--060130-B--, 396F--060150-A--, 396GAD060150AEEA, 396GAD060150AEFA, 396GAD060150-A--, 396GAD060150-B--, 396GAD060150-C--, 396GAD060150-D--, 396GAD060150-E--, 396GAW060150-A--, 396GAW060150-B--, 396GAW060150-C--, 396GAW060150-D--, 396GAW060150-E--, 396GAY060150-A--, 396GAY060150-B--, 396GAY060150-C--, 396GAY060150-D--,396GAZ060150AAEA, 396GAZ060150AAFA, 396JAZ060095AAFA, 397E--060150-A--, 397E--060175-A--, 397E--060200-A--, 397HAW060100-A--, 397HAW060100-B--, 397HAW060100-C--, 397HAW060120-A--, 397HAW060120-B--, 397HAW060120-C--, 397HAW060140-A--, 397HAW060140-B--, 397HAW060140-C--, 398AAW060120-E--, 398AAW060120-F--, 58DHB115---111CC,58DH-110---101CC, 58DH-120---101BC, 58DH-120---101CC, 58DH-120---101DC, 58DP-150---150BA, 58DP-150---150LA, 58DRC095---110D-, 58DRC095---121LB, 58DR-150---130BA,58DR-150---130BB, 58DR-150---141LA, 58DR-150---141LB, 58GP-095---171AA, 58GP-095---181AA, 58GP-115---171CA, 58GP-115---181CA, 58GP-125-C-110DA, 58GP-125-C-110LA, 58GP-125---100DA, 58GP-125---110DA, 58GP-125---110LA, 58GP-125---180DA, 58GP-135---171CA, 58GP-150-C-100LA, 58GP-150---100LA, 58GP-150---101CA, 58GP-150---180CA,58GP-175-C-100LA, 58GP-175---100LA, 58GP-175---101CA, 58GP-175---180CA, 58GSC095---110DB, 58GSC095---130LB, 58GS-095---131AA, 58GS-095---131DA, 58GS-095---141AA,58GS-095---141DA, 58GS-125-C-160LA, 58GS-125---130DA, 58GS-125---150DA, 58GS-125---150DB, 58GS-125---160LA, 58GS-125---160LB, 58GS-135---131CA, 58GS-150-C-160LA,58GS-150---130CA, 58GS-150---150CA, 58GS-150---150CB, 58GS-150---160LA, 58GS-150---160LB, 58GS-155---131CA, 58GS-175-C-160LA, 58GS-175---130CA, 58GS-175---150CA,58GS-175---150CB, 58GS-175---160LA, 58GS-175---160LB, 58GS-200-C-160LA, 58GS-200---130CA, 58GS-200---150CA, 58GS-200---150CB, 58GS-200---160LA, 58GS-200---160LB,58SSB120---121CC, 58SSB120---131CC, 58SSB130---121BC, 58SSB130---131BC, 58SSL120---100CC, 58SS-100---101DC, 58SS-100---111DC, 58SS-100---121DC, 58SS-120---101CC, 58SS-120---111CC, 58SS-120---121CC, 58SS-140---101BC, 58SS-140---111BC, 58SS-140---121BC, 58SX-120---150CC, 58SX-120---160CC, 58SX-120---170CC, 58SX-120---180CC, U19X:150-U-60-A------, U19X:175-U-60-A------

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