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Carrier HD58FE654 Blower Motor

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37.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Carrier HD58FE654 Blower Motor

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Carrier HD58FE654 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Blower Motor (HD58FE654)
    • (1) - Instructions (3539-R6)


    • AC Motor Type: PSC (Permanent Spilt Capacity) Horsepower: 2.9
    • Voltage: 208-230/460
    • Hertz: 60
    • Number of Phases: 3
    • Amps: 7.8
    • RPM: 1725
    • Rotation: CCW (Counter-Clockwise)
    • Bearings: Ball
    • Mount: Rigid
    • Thermally Protected
    • Insulation Class: F3
    • Shaft Length: 3-1/8"
    • Shaft Diameter: 7/8"

    Country of Origin: Mexico

    🔧 Note: Always check the blower wheel on your blower assembly. Bad or unbalanced blower wheels can cause premature motor failure due to vibration. If you are not sure what blower wheel fits your blower assembly, call us at 734-326-3900.

    Replaces Old Carrier Part Numbers

    • 50HE001343
    • 50HE402538

    Other Part Numbers

    Factory Authorized Part, Replacement Components Division, Carrier Corporation, 056T17D, 9147917, A-202034, Marathon Motors, 56T17D15622B, A-35927, YDK132880, LR2025, E49747,

    Fits Carrier, Bryant, Payne Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    558JP08D000A, 50TC E16 6A, 48TCTE08 6A, 50TC D14 5A, 48LCFA06 6A, 48HCDE14 6A, 48HCRD14 5A, 48LCS005 6A, 48TCRE14 5A, 48HCEE07 5A, 48HCTG07 5A, 48LCD006 6A, 50TCQD08 6A, 50TCQD08 6A, 48LCS006 5A, 580JE08F180A, 581JE07D150A, 50LC0A05 6A, 48HCDE14 5A, 48HCTE14 6A, 48TCDE16 5A, 48HCSE14 5A, 48HCRE07 6A, 40RUSA14T A6 A, 48TCTD08 5A, 48TCEE16 6A, 48TCRD16 6A, 581JE14D240A, 50TC-D16 5A, 48LCDA05 5A, 581JP14F150A, 581JP14F180A, 580JP08N180A, 40RU000689, 50LCDA05 5A, 48TCDD14 6A, 48TCSM08 5A, 580JE08D125A, 580JE14F224A, 48TCSA07 5A, 50TCQD08 5A, 48HCRE14 5A, 580JP08K125A, 50LC400387, 50HE001343, 48TM482507, 48HCSE07 5A, 580JP08P125A, 50TC D14 6A, 549JE12D000A, 48TCTE16 5A, 48LCTA06 5A, 48TCTA07 5A, 48TCSE16 5A, 581JE14K150A, 581JE14F180A, 48TCEA07 6A, 48LCR005 5A, 48LCMA06 6A, 48LCNA05 5A, 48LCMA05 5A, 48LCTA06 6A, 48LCL006 6A, 48LCEA06 5A, 581JP14K150A, 581JP07D125A, 48TCRE16 5A, 48TCDE08 6A, 40RU400322, 48LCD006 5A, 48TCFA07 6A, 581JE07D072A, 581JP14M150A, 50LCF006 6A, 48LCN005 6A, 48LCD005 5A, 50TCQD09 5A, 48LCM006 5A, 48HCED14 5A, 48LCTA05 6A, 50LCDA06 6A, 48TCRD16 5A, 50HCQD09 6A, 48TCDD08 6A, 48TCFD14 6A, 48TCFE08 5A, 48LCN006 5A, 50HC E14 6A, 50LC400384, 48TCSE16 6A, 48TCSD16 5A, 581JP14D150A, 581JP14D180A, 580JP08K224A, 48LCNA06 5A, 581JE07D125A, 50LCEA05 5A, 48HCED07 6A, 40RUAA14T A6 A, 50TC M08 6A, 48TCED08 5A, 549JP09000 A, 50LCD005 6A, 580JE08D180A, 48LCT006 6A, 48LCM005 6A, 580JE14D224A, 40RUAA14T A5 A, 581JE14K240A, 50LC400240, 48TCDE08 5A, 581JE07F072A, 580JP08F180A, 40RUSA14T A5 A, 48HCTD14 5A, 48LCNA05 6A, 48TCTE14 5A, 580JP14D250A, 580JP14D180A, 580JE08K125A, 50LC400381, 48HCEG07 6A, 48HCEE14 5A, 48TCED14 6A, 48HCRG07 5A, 48HCTE07 6A, 48LCDA06 6A, 50TC E08 6A, 50HC E14 5A, 48HCDG07 5A, 48HCTD07 6A, 48TCSE08 5A, 50LCF006 5A, 48LCLA06 6A, 48TCEE14 5A, 48TCEA07 5A, 50LC0006 5A, 48TCED16 6A, 50LCE005 6A, 48LCS005 5A, 48LCMA05 6A, 580JE08P224A, 580JP14D224A, 48TCSD14 6A, 50HC D14 6A, 48LCSA05 6A, 48TCSD08 5A, 48TCFE14 5A, 48TCFE14 6A, 48TCSD14 5A, 48TCRE08 5A, 48TCTM08 5A, 48LCM005 5A, 580JE08N224A, 580JP08D224A, 581JP14D240A, 581JE07F125A, 549JE09000 A, 50LCFA05 6A, 50LCDA05 6A, 50LCD006 5A, 48LCL005 6A, 48TCFM08 5A, 48TCSM08 6A, 48TCFD08 5A, 48TCFD14 5A, 48HCDD07 5A, 580JE08M125A, 48LCFA05 6A, 48TCED14 5A, 48TCDE16 6A, 48HCRG07 6A, 48HCRE14 6A, 580JP08N125A, 558JP14D000A, 581JP07F150A, 558JE14D000A, 50HCQD09 5A, 50TC D08 5A, 48TCDD16 5A, 48LCRA05 6A, 50LCFA06 5A, 50TCQD14 5A, 580JE08F224A, 50TC A07 6A, 48TCEE14 6A, 48HCRD07 6A, 48HCEE14 6A, 580JP08P180A, 580JP08F224A, 48HC480020, 48HCTG07 6A, 48HCED14 6A, 48TCTD14 5A, 48TCTE14 6A, 580JE08M180A, 580JE14F180A, 551JE14K000A, 551JP14K000A, 548JE08D000A, 558JP08N000A, 580JE14D180A, 580JE14F250A, 48TCFE16 5A, 48LCL006 5A, 48LCDA05 6A, 48LCRA06 5A, 48TCRD14 5A, 48TCEM08 6A, 48TCRA07 6A, 50TCQD14 6A, 48LCN006 6A, 48LCEA05 6A, 48TCSA07 6A, 48TCTD16 5A, 48TCRA07 5A, 40RU000685, 548JE08D000A, 558JE08N000A, 48HCFE14 6A, 50HCQD12 6A, 48LCNA06 6A, 581JP14K180A, 580JP08P224A, 50TCQD09 5A, 48HCSG07 6A, 48HCSE07 6A, 50TC D08 6A, 50LCFA05 5A, 581JP14K240A, 581JP07D150A, 551JP14D000A, 558JP08K000A, 48LCE006 5A, 48HC480015, 50TC A07 5A, 50LCEA06 5A, 48LCE005 6A, 48TCRD08 5A, 48HCTE14 5A, 48HCTD14 6A, 48HCSD14 5A, 48HCDG07 6A, 48TCSE14 5A, 48LCE005 5A, 50HCQD12 5A, 48TCRD08 6A, 48TCFM08 6A, 50HE003060, 580JE08M224A, 580JP08M125A, 48HCEG07 5A, 48HCSD07 5A, 48HCSD07 6A, 48LCT005 6A, 48TCFE08 6A, 48TCRE08 6A, 580JE08N125A, 48TCDE14 6A, 40RU400330, 48HCFD07 6A, 48TCDD08 5A, 50LCEA05 6A, 580JP08N224A, 48HCFE07 6A, 580JP08K180A, 551JE14D000A, 48TCTM08 6A, 581JP14F240A, 580JE14D250A, 580JE08K180A, 581JP07F125A, 48LCMA06 5A, 48LCFA06 5A, 48LC480109, 50LC400383, 580JP08D125A, 581JE14D180A, 581JE14M150A, 558JE08D000A, 48HCDD07 6A, 48HCEE07 6A, 48LCEA06 6A, 48HCDE07 6A, 48LCD005 6A, 48TCFE16 6A, 48TCRE16 6A, 50TC E16 5A, 50TCQD09 6A, 48TCDM08 6A, 50LC0A06 5A, 50TC-D16 6A, 50TC M08 5A, 48LCF005 5A, 48LCDA06 5A, 48LCSA06 5A, 48LCRA05 5A, 50LCE006 5A, 48LCR006 5A, 48HCSG07 5A, 48TCTA07 6A, 48TCSD08 6A, 48LC480084, 48HCFG07 6A, 48HCFD14 5A, 50LC0A06 6A, 50LCE005 5A, 48TCEE08 6A, 48LCE006 6A, 48LCN005 5A, 580JP08M180A, 50LCD006 6A, 48HCDE07 5A, 48HCFD14 6A, 48LCLA05 5A, 48TCSE14 6A, 48LCT006 5A, 50LC0005 6A, 50LC400379, 50TCQD14 6A, 48LCEA05 5A, 580JP14F250A, 48TCSD16 6A, 48TCDA07 6A, 48TCFD16 6A, 48LCR005 6A, 48HCTD07 5A, 48HCSD14 6A, 581JP07F072A, 580JE08P125A, 50LCF005 6A, 48LCSA06 6A, 48TCTE16 6A, 48HCRE07 5A, 48HCRD07 5A, 48TCFD08 6A, 581JP14M240A, 50HC D14 5A, 580JE08D224A, 50TCQD08 5A, 48HCTE07 5A, 581JE14M180A, 48HCED07 5A, 48TCDA07 5A, 50LCEA06 6A, 48TCRE14 6A, 50LCE006 6A, 48LCFA05 5A, 48TCEE16 5A, 48LCRA06 6A, 48TCFA07 5A, 50LCDA06 5A, 580JP08M224A, 580JE08F125A, 581JE07F150A, 580JE08K224A, 580JE08N180A, 581JP07D072A, 581JE14F240A, 48HCFD07 5A, 581JP14M180A, 50TC E08 5A, 48TCRM08 6A, 48LC480092, 48HCDD14 6A, 48TCED16 5A, 48HCSE14 6A, 48TCEM08 5A, 581JE14F150A, 48TCRM08 5A, 48LCF005 6A, 48LCR006 6A, 48TCEE08 5A, 48TCTD16 6A, 50LCD005 5A, 50LCF005 5A, 48HCRD14 6A, 50TC E14 5A, 48TCDE14 5A, 558JE08K000A, 50LC400275, 48LCF006 5A, 48TCDD14 5A, 48TCTD14 6A, 48LCT005 5A, 48LCL005 5A, 50LC0006 6A, 580JP14F180A, 580JP08F125A, 48LCLA06 5A, 50LC0005 5A, 48TCTE08 5A, 48TCTD08 6A, 48LCF006 6A, 50LCFA06 6A, 50TCQD14 5A, 48TCDM08 5A, 48TCRD14 6A, 48TCDD16 6A, 48LCSA05 5A, 580JP08D180A, 50LC0A05 5A, 48HCDD14 5A, 580JE08P180A, 48LC480124, 48TCFD16 5A, 581JE14M240A, 48LCLA05 6A, 50HE402538, 48LCM006 6A, 48LCS006 6A, 549JP12D000A, 580JP14F224A, 581JE14K180A, 50TCQD09 6A, 48TCSE08 6A, 48TCED08 6A, 48HCFE14 5A, 48HCFG07 5A, 48HCFE07 5A, 48LCTA05 5A

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