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Carrier OPNDR08ZC 8" Round Zone Damper w/ i-Vu VVT Zone II Controller

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25.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Carrier OPNDR08ZC 8" Round Zone Damper w/ i-Vu VVT Zone II Controller

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Carrier OPNDR08ZC Replacement Part


    • (1) - 8" Round Zone Damper (OPNDR08ZC)
    • (1) - Electrical Box Cover (-)
    • (1) - Electrical Cover Screw (-)
    • (1) - O-Ring (-)


    • Purpose: VVT Round Zone Damper with VVT Zone II Controller Sued in Carrier's i-Vu Building Automation System
    • The Factory Integrated VVT Zone Controls Maintains Space Temperature By Modulating the Proper Amount of Supply Airflow Through Its Damper
    • CFM Airflow Min/Max: 280/420
    • Comes with Integral Supply Air Temperature Sensor
    • Demand Control Ventilation Sensor Input Point
    • Counterclockwise and Clockwise Damper Rotation
    • Configurable Min and Max Open Damper Positions
    • Optional 0-10VDC Output for Linking Actuators
    • Degree of Rotation: 30-90
    • Pressure Rating: 1" wg Static Pressure
    • Housing: 24 Gauge Spiral Metal Duct
    • Elliptical Damper Blade: 20 Gauge
    • Length: 18"
    • Diameter: 8"
    • Separable Actuator with Brushless DC Motor
    • Runtime: 205 Seconds for 90° Travel During Control
    • Provides Pressure Dependent (VVT), Space Temperature Control for Terminals Up To 2.7 Square Ft Inlet
    • Provides Zone Level Humidty Control OR Zone Level Demand Control Ventilation (ASHRAE 62), With Field-Installed Sensor
    • Provides PID Control
    • Optional Terminal Fan or Auxilary Heat Control
    • Provides Remote Occupancy Contact Input for Field-Installed Occupancy Sensor
    • Supports Sensor Averaging
    • Capable of Stand-Alone Operation with Integral Supply Air Temperature Sensor
    • Air Balancing Tool Available
    • Controller Network is BACnet MS/TP @ 9600bps, 19.2 kbps, 38.4 kbps, or 76.8 kbps or ARCNET 156 kbps
    • i-VU Can Be Used to Access Controller Both Locally and Remotely
    • 22/24 AWG Communications Wiring: Single Twisted Shielded Pair, Low Capacitance, CL2P Wire
    • Power Requirements: 24 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 14 VA Power Consumption, 26 VDC (25V min, 30V Max), Single Class 2 Source Only, 100 VA or Less
    • Power Wiring: 2 Conductor, 18 AWG, Unshielded
    • Operating Range: 32°F to 130°F (0°C to 54°C), 10 to 90% RH, Non-Condensing

    Country of Origin: USA

    Replaces Old Carrier Part Numbers

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers

    OPNDR08ZC, , Round Zone Damper , with VVT Zone II Controller, Carrier, United Technologies, LMB24-MPL-ALC, 260530, 0101, 21306540-040242, 781897 193

    Fits Carrier, Bryant, Payne Models:

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    i-Vu® Building Automation System

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