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Goodman Amana B1370158 Pressure Switch

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Goodman Amana
2.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Goodman Amana B1370158 Pressure Switch

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Goodman Amana B1370158 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Pressure Switch (B1370158)

    Replaces Old Goodman Amana Part Numbers

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers


    Fits Goodman, Amana, Daikin, Janitrol, Kenmore, McQuay, Xenon, GMC, and Gree Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    AMEH801005CNAA, AMEH801005CXAA, AMH80403ANAA, AMH80403ANBB, AMH80403AXAA, AMH80403AXBB, AMH80453AXCA, AMH80453AXCB, AMH80453AXCC, AMH80603ANAA, AMH80603AXAA, AMH80703AXCA, AMH80703AXCB, AMH80703AXCC, AMH80803BNBB, AMH80803BXBB, AMH80804BNBB, AMH80804BXBB, AMH80905CNAA, AMH81005CNBB, AMH81005CXBB, AMH81155CNAA, AMH81155CNAB, AMH81155CNAC, AMH81155CXAA, AMS80403AXAA, AMS80403AXAB, AMS80403AXAC, AMS80804BXAA, AMS80804BXAB, AMS80804BXAC, AMS80905CNAA, AMS80905CNA, AMS80905CXAA, AMS80905CXA, AMS81005CXAA, AMS81005CXAB, AMS81005CXAC, AMS81155CNAA, AMS81155CNA, AMS81155CXAA, AMS81155CXA, DHS80905CXA, DM80HE1005CNAA, DM80HE1005CXAA, DM80HS0403AXAA, DM80HS0803BXAA, DM80HS0804BXAA, DM80HS1005CXAA, DM80SS0403AXAA, DM80SS0403AXAB, DM80SS0403AXAC, DM80SS0804BXAA, DM80SS0804BXAB, DM80SS0804BXAC, DM80SS1005CXAA, DM80SS1005CXAB, DM80SS1005CXAC, DMS80905CNA, DMS81155CNA, GDH80603ANAA, GDH80603AXAA, GDH80703AXCA, GDH80703AXCB, GDH81005CNAA, GDH81005CXAA, GDH81155CXAB, GDH81155CXAC, GDH81155CXCA, GDH81155CXCB, GDS80603ANAA, GDS80603AXAA, GDS80703AXCA, GDS80703AXCB, GDS81005CNAA, GDS81005CXAA, GDS81155CXBB, GDS81155CXBC, GDS81155CXCA, GDS81155CXCB, GHS80403ANBA, GHS80403ANBB, GHS80403AXBA, GHS80403AXBB, GHS80403AXBC, GHS80604BNAA, GHS80604BXAA, GHS80704BXCA, GHS80704BXCB, GHS80805CNAA, GHS80805CXAA, GHS80905CNAA, GHS80905CXAA, GHS80905CXBA, GHS80905CXCA, GHS80905CXCB, GME80905CXAA, GME80905CXAB, GME80905CXAC, GME81005CNBB, GME81005CXBB, GME81155CXAA, GME81155CXAB, GME81155CXAC, GMH80403ANAA, GMH80403ANBB, GMH80403AXAA, GMH80403AXBB, GMH80453ANCA, GMH80453ANCB, GMH80453ANCC, GMH80453AXCA, GMH80453AXCB, GMH80453AXCC, GMH80603ANAA, GMH80603AXAA, GMH80703ANCA, GMH80703ANCB, GMH80703ANCC, GMH80703AXCA, GMH80703AXCB, GMH80703AXCC, GMH80803BNBB, GMH80803BXBB, GMH80804BNBB, GMH80804BXBB, GMH80905CNAA, GMH80905CXAA, GMH81005CNBB, GMH81005CXBB, GMH81155CNAA, GMH81155CNAB, GMH81155CNAC, GMH81155CXAA, GMH81155CXAB, GMH81155CXAC, GMP100-42DA, GMP100-42EA, GMP125-52EA, GMP150-52EA, GMS80403ANAA, GMS80403ANBB, GMS80403ANBC, GMS80403ANBD, GMS80403AXAA, GMS80403AXBB, GMS80403AXBC, GMS80403AXBD, GMS80453ANCA, GMS80453ANCB, GMS80453ANCC, GMS80453AXCA, GMS80453AXCB, GMS80453AXCC, GMS80603ANAA, GMS80603AXAA, GMS80703ANCA, GMS80703ANCB, GMS80703ANCC, GMS80703AXCA, GMS80703AXCB, GMS80703AXCC, GMS80804BNBB, GMS80804BNBC, GMS80804BNBD, GMS80804BXBB, GMS80804BXBC, GMS80804BXBD, GMS80905CNAA, GMS80905CNBA, GMS80905CNBB, GMS80905CXAA, GMS80905CXBA, GMS80905CXBB, GMS81005CNBB, GMS81005CNBC, GMS81005CNBD, GMS81005CXBB, GMS81005CXBC, GMS81005CXBD, GMS81155CNAA, GMS81155CNBA, GMS81155CNBB, GMS81155CNBC, GMS81155CNBD, GMS81155CXAA, GMS81155CXBB, GMS81155CXBC, GMS81155CXBD, GMT090-5A, GMNT090-5B*, GMT090-5B*, GMT115-5A, GMNT115-5B*, GMT115-5B*, GMTH090-5, GMTH090-5A, GMTH090-5B*, GSM060-3, GSU060-3, WFD18070S3AXCB, WFD18070S3AXCC, WFD18115S5CXCB, WFD18115S5CXCC, WFM18045S3AXCB, WFM18045S3AXCC, WFM18070S3AXCB, WFM18070S3AXCC

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