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Honeywell S8910U3000 Ignition Module (HSI)

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2.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Honeywell S8910U3000 Ignition Module (HSI)

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Honeywell S8910U3000 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Ignition Module (HSI) (S8910U3000)
    • (1) - White-Rodgers Adapter (-)
    • (1) - Robertshaw Ground Lead (-)
    • (4) - 1/4" Female 0.32 Quick Connects. (-)
    • (1) - 3/16" Female Quick Connect. (-)
    • (9) - Wire Labels. (-)
    • (1) - Installation Instructions.
    • (34-00008-02)
    • .


    • -120 vac (up to 5A) timed warmup hot surface ignition elements.
    • -Single rod (local sense) or dual rod (remote sense) hot surface ignition.
    • -One or three ignition trials per call for heat.
    • -Four-second or seven-second ignition trials.
    • -Prepurge of 32 seconds or less.
    • -Up to 96 seconds between trials purge times (three-trial mode only).
    • -Natural or LP gas.
    • Electrical Ratings:
    • -Control Voltage: 24 V, 60Hz.
    • -Maximum Valve contact Rating: 2 A.
    • -Current Draw: 0.4 A plus valve load.
    • -Hot Surface Igniter Voltage: 120 Vac, 60 Hz.
    • -Contact Rating at 120 Vac: 5 A.
    • -The S8910U is designed for 60 Hz applications. Timings change by 20 percent in 50 Hz applications.
    • Hot Surface Igniter or Igniter- Sensor:
    • -Norton Model 201 or 271 or equivalent.
    • NOTE: If an igniter other than a Norton Model 201 or 271 is used, the igniter must meet the following minimum specifications required over the life of the igniter:
    • -Igniter must reach 1832°F (1000°C) within the selected warm up time of 7, 17, 34 or 45 seconds with 102 Vac applied.
    • -Igniter must maintain at least 500M ohm insulation resistance between the igniter leadwires and the igniter mounting bracket. Igniter must not develop an insulating layer on its surface (over time) that would prevent flame sensing.
    • -Igniter surface area immersed in flame must not exceed one-fourth of the grounded area immersed in flame. This would prevent flame sensing.
    • -Igniter current draw at 132 Vac must not exceed 5A.
    • Sensor:
    • -Separate sensor required for remote sensing applications.
    • Wiring:
    • -Use existing appliance wiring. If repair or replacement of lead-wires is required, follow instructions on appliance label. Use included quick connect terminals and wiring adaptors according to instructions.
    • Prepurge:
    • -32 seconds.
    • Igniter Warmup:
    • -7 (12), 17 (27), 34 or 45 seconds. Numbers in parenthesis represent second and third trial for ignition timings.
    • Purge between Trials for Ignition:
    • -96 seconds (32 seconds prepurge and 64 seconds interpurge).
    • Flame Failure Response Time:
    • -1.5 seconds maximum.
    • Ignition Sequence:
    • -The number of trials for ignition and trial time are determined by selectable DIP switches.
    • Ambient Operating Temperature:
    • -40 to +175°F (-40 to +79°C).
    • Dimension: L:4" W:51/4" H:2"

    Replaces Old Honeywell Part Numbers

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers

    32304204-001 REV.A, C, AUTO, IGNITION, SYSTEMS, ANSI Z21.20, HONEYWELL, SW:1.600, 1535, S8910U.

    Fits Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    Honeywell (S89C1004, S89C1012, S89C1046, S89C1087, S89C1103, S89D1002, S89G1005, S89G1013, S89G1021, S89G1047, S89H1003, S89H1011, S89H1029, S89J1008, S890C1007, S890D1006, S890G1003, S890G1011, S890G1029, S890G1037, S890H1002, S890H1010, S890H1028, S8910U1000) Robertshaw (HS780-17NL-104A, HS780-17NL-108A, HS780-17NL-304A, HS780-17NL-308A, HS780-17NR-104A, HS780-17NR-306A, HS780-17NR-308A, HS780-34NL-108A, HS780-34NL-304A, HS780-34NL-306A, HS780-34NL-308A, HS780-34NL-312A, HS780-34NR-104A, HS780-34NR-306A, HS780-34NR-308A, HS780-34NR-312A, HS780-34PL-308A) White Rodgers (50E47-1 thru 50E47-79, 50E47-101 thru 50E47-179, 50E47-201 thru 50E47-279, 50E47-301 thru 50E47-379, 50F47-1 thru 50F47-79, 50F47-101 thru 50F47-179, 50F47-201 thru 50F47-279, 50F47-301 thru 50F47-379).

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