How to Replace a Furnace Draft Inducer

Posted by James Clark on Feb 21st 2020

Use our step-by-step guide for performing a draft inducer replacement yourself. The below steps make it easy to get your furnace back into working order.

You will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • Camera (to take pictures of wire leads and hoses for reassembly later)

1. Disconnect the Furnace

Shut off power at the power switch and close gas valve.

2. Remove Burner Compartment Door

Remove the panel. There will be twist locks on the burner compartment door, or screws securing the panel. Other furnaces, you may simply have to lift up on the door, and pull the bottom outwards to remove the door. 

Take a picture of the pressure switch hoses and wire leads going to the inducer for reference later when installing the new motor.

3. Remove Pressure Switch, Hoses and Leads

Remove the pressure switch hoses. Look for signs of cracking. Replace if necessary

On Some furnaces, the pressure switch(es) may be mounted on the inducer. Remove the leads, and unbolt the pressure switch from the draft inducer.

4. Disconnect Exhaust Pipe

Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp on the exhaust pipe. And gently lift the pipe from the draft inducer outlet.

5. Disconnect Draft Inducer Leads and Grounding Wire

Disconnect the power leads to the inducer. Disconnect the grounding wire (usually green and mounted on the chassis).

6. Remove Draft Inducer

Next, remove the mounting screws on the inducer assembly and pull inducer from the furnace.

7. Install New Draft Inducer

Your draft inducer may have flow restriction rings that need to be installed depending on your furnace model (typically seen on York Furnaces). Usually 80% furnaces will have a felt gasket with the inducer kit. We recommend using a dab of high-temp silicone to hold the gasket in place when installing the new inducer. Some applications on lower efficiency furnaces may not have a gasket. You would use high-temp silicone in place of the gasket.

Secure mounting screws and reconnect ground wire and power leads.

8. Reconnect Exhaust Pipe

Slide the exhaust pipe into the draft inducer outlet and tighten clamp.

9. Reconnect Pressure Switch

If you had to unmount your pressure switch(es), reinstall it. Reconnect pressure switch leads and hoses.

15. Install Furnace Doors

Reinstall the burner compartment door.

16. Turn on Breaker and Furnace Switch

Open the gas valve and turn on power to the furnace. Observe for proper operation.

If you have any further questions on the repair process, or need help selecting the parts you need for this repair, contact us!

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