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How to Keep Pets Cool When Your Air Conditioner is Broken
The first modern air conditioner wasn’t invented until the early 20th century, so how did people and their pets keep cool during the previous centuries? Today, of course, air conditioning systems are commonplace, but sometimes they break down unexpectedly. Moreover, many households are trying to cut down on their energy uses to reduce their monthly expenses or to lead more eco- …
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Why is my A/C Blowing Hot Air and How to Fix It (A/C Troubleshooting Guide)
A mid-summer tragedy, so often told; As if it's not already frustratingly hot enough for your liking today, it seems almost impossible to keep the inside of your home cool. You check the thermostat for confirmation; "Is it hot, or is it just me?" You ask yourself only to find out the temperature is, in fact, soaring well above the preferred setting. At …
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