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ICP 1008778 Limit Switch Gasket

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2.00 LBS
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  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

ICP 1008778 Limit Switch Gasket

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • ICP 1008778 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Limit Switch Gasket (1008778)


    • Length: 1 1/2"
    • Width: 1"

    Country of Origin: USA

    Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers

    104774-01 Relay Fan 208/240V, 00823960015095,

    Fits ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Snyder General, KeepRite and Day & Night Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    GCK050N12A1, GCK050N12C1, GCK050N12C2, GCK050N12C3, GCK050N12D3, GCK075N12A1, GCK075N12C1, GCK075N12C2, GCK075N12C3, GCK075N12D3, GCK100N16A1, GCK100N16C1, GCK100N16C2, GCK100N16C3, GCK100N16D3, GCK125N20A1, GCK125N20C1, GCK125N20C2, GCK125N20C3, GCK125N20D3, GDK050N12A1, GDK075N12A1, GDK100N16A1, GDK125N20A1, GDL050N12A1, GDL050N12A2, GDL050N12A3, GDL050N12A4, GDL050N12G1, GDL075N12A1, GDL075N12A2, GDL075N12A3, GDL075N12A4, GDL075N12G1, GDL100N16A1, GDL100N16A2, GDL100N16A3, GDL100N16A4, GDL100N16G1, GDL125N20A1, GDL125N20A2, GDL125N20A3, GDL125N20A4, GDL125N20G1, GNK050N12A1, GNK050N12A2, GNK050N12A3, GNK050N12B3, GNK075N14A1, GNK075N14A2, GNK075N14A3, GNK075N14B3, GNK100N16A1, GNK100N16A2, GNK100N16A3, GNK100N16B3, GNK125N20A1, GNK125N20A2, GNK125N20A3, GNK125N20B3, GNL050N12A1, GNL050N12C1, GNL050N12C2, GNL050N12C3, GNL050N12G1, GNL075N12A1, GNL075N12C1, GNL075N12C2, GNL075N12C3, GNL075N12G1, GNL100N16A1, GNL100N16C1, GNL100N16C2, GNL100N16C3, GNL100N16G1, GNL125N20A1, GNL125N20C1, GNL125N20C2, GNL125N20C3, GNL125N20G1, GNM050N12A1, GNM050N12A2, GNM050N12A3, GNM075N14A1, GNM075N14A2, GNM075N14A3, GNM100N16A1, GNM100N16A2, GNM100N16A3, GNM125N20A1, GNM125N20A2, GNM125N20A3, GUK050AEIL, GUK050AEIN, GUK050N12A1, GUK050N12C1, GUK075AEIL, GUK075AEIN, GUK075N12A1, GUK075N12C1, GUK100AGIL, GUK100AGIN, GUK100N16A1, GUK100N16C1, GUK125AJIL, GUK125AJIN, GUK125N20A1, GUK125N20C1, GUM050N12A, GUM075N12A, GUM100N16A, GUM125N20A, HDDH050N3A1, HDDH075N3A1, HDDH100N4A1, HDDH125N5A1, HDUH050N3A1, HDUH075N3A1, HDUH100N4A1, HDUH125N5A1, NCGM050EFA1, NCGM050EFA2, NCGM050EFA3, NCGM075EGA1, NCGM075EGA2, NCGM075EGA3, NCGM100EHA1, NCGM100EHA2, NCGM100EHA3, NCGM125EKA1, NCGM125EKA2, NCGM125EKA3, NCPM050FFA1, NCPM050FFB1, NCPM075GFA1, NCPM075GFB1, NCPM100HJA1, NCPM100HJB1, NCPM125KNA1, NCPM125KNB1, NDC7050BFA1, NDC7050BFA2, NDC7050BFA3, NDC7050BFA4, NDC7050BFG1, NDC7075BFA1, NDC7075BFA2, NDC7075BFA3, NDC7075BFA4, NDC7075BFG1, NDC7100BHA1, NDC7100BHA2, NDC7100BHA3, NDC7100BHA4, NDC7100BHG1, NDC7125BKA1, NDC7125BKA2, NDC7125BKA3, NDC7125BKA4, NDC7125BKG1, NDGM050EFA1, NDGM050EFB1, NDGM075EGA1, NDGM075EGB1, NDGM100EHA1, NDGM100EHB1, NDGM125EKA1, NDGM125EKB1, NTC7050BFA1, NTC7050BFA2, NTC7050BFA3, NTC7050BFG1, NTC7075BFA1, NTC7075BFA2, NTC7075BFA3, NTC7075BFG1, NTC7100BHA1, NTC7100BHA2, NTC7100BHA3, NTC7100BHG1, NTC7125BKA1, NTC7125BKA2, NTC7125BKA3, NTC7125BKG1, NTG9050FFA1, NTG9050FFA2, NTG9050FFA3, NTG9075FGA1, NTG9075FGA2, NTG9075FGA3, NTG9100FHA1, NTG9100FHA2, NTG9100FHA3, NTG9125FKA1, NTG9125FKA2, NTG9125FKA3, NTGM050EFA1, NTGM050EFA2, NTGM050EFA3, NTGM075EGA1, NTGM075EGA2, NTGM075EGA3, NTGM100EHA1, NTGM100EHA2, NTGM100EHA3, NTGM125EKA1, NTGM125EKA2, NTGM125EKA3, NTPM050FFA1, NTPM050FFB1, NTPM075GFA1, NTPM075GFB1, NTPM100HJA1, NTPM100HJB1, NTPM125KNA1, NTPM125KNB1, NTVM050FFA1, NTVM050FFB1, NTVM050FFB2, NTVM075GFA1, NTVM075GFB1, NTVM075GFB2, NTVM100HJA1, NTVM100HJB1, NTVM100HJB2, NTVM125KNA1, NTVM125KNB1, NTVM125KNB2, NUG9050FFA1, NUG9050FFB1, NUG9075FGA1, NUG9075FGB1, NUG9100FHA1, NUG9100FHB1, NUG9125FKA1, NUG9125FKB1, NUGM050EFA1, NUGM050EFB1, NUGM075EGA1, NUGM075EGB1, NUGM100EHA1, NUGM100EHB1, NUGM125EKA1, NUGM125EKB1, TCK050F12A1, TCK050F12B1, TCK075F14A1, TCK075F14B1, TCK100J16A1, TCK100J16B1, TCK125N20A1, TCK125N20B1, TNK050F12A1, TNK050F12B1, TNK075F14A1, TNK075F14B1, TNK100J16A1, TNK100J16B1, TNK125N20A1, TNK125N20B1, VNK050F12A1, VNK050F12B1, VNK050F12B2, VNK075F14A1, VNK075F14B1, VNK075F14B2, VNK100J16A1, VNK100J16B1, VNK100J16B2, VNK125N20A1, VNK125N20B1, VNK125N20B2

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