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ICP 1054593 Blower Wheel

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19.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

ICP 1054593 Blower Wheel

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • ICP 1054593 Replacement Part


    • (1) - Blower Wheel (1054593)


    • Diameter: 11 7/8"
    • Width: 12"
    • Bore Diameter: 5/8"
    • Rotation: Clockwise Hub End
    • 2 Set Screws

    Country of Origin: USA

    Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers

    1054593, FASTPARTS, WHEEL, DD11x11x5/8, CW CV, 03-56009, 1804506435805J33, #368, #4075, 05J, MP-A, 11-11 DD, 0.62 CLW CV WHL

    Fits ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Snyder General, KeepRite and Day & Night Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    APE048H000C, APE048H00AA, APE048H00AC, APE048L000C, APE048L00AA, APE048L00AC, APE060H000C, APE060H00AA, APE060H00AB, APE060L000C, APE060L00AA, APE060L00AB, APFM48L000A, APFM48L000E, APFM48S000A, APFM48S000E, APFM60H000A, APFM60H000B, APFM60H000E, APFM60K000A, APFM60K000B, APFM60K000E, APFM60L000A, APFM60L000B, APFM60L000E, APFM60S000A, APFM60S000B, APFM60S000E, APK048K000A, APK060K000A, G4P047A3E1, G4P048A3E1, G4P060A3D1, G4P060A3F1, GPCM48H120E, GPCM48H120F, GPCM48K120A, GPCM48K120D, GPCM48K120E, GPCM48K120F, GPCM48L120E, GPCM48L120F, GPCM48S120E, GPCM60K140A, GPFM48H120A, GPFM48H120D, GPFM48H120E, GPFM48H120F, GPFM48K120A, GPFM48K120D, GPFM48K120E, GPFM48K120F, GPFM48L120A, GPFM48L120D, GPFM48L120E, GPFM48L120F, GPFM48S120D, GPFM48S120E, GPFM48S120F, GPFM60H140A, GPFM60K140A, GPFM60L140A, GPS048H120D, GPS048H120E, GPS048K120D, GPS048K120E, GPS048L120D, GPS048L120E, GPS048S120D, GPS048S120E, GPSM48H120E, GPSM48H120F, GPSM48K120E, GPSM48K120F, GPSM48L120E, GPSM48L120F, GPSM48S120E, GPSM48S120F, HPFM48L000A, HPFM48L000E, HPFM60H000A, HPFM60H000E, HPFM60K000A, HPFM60K000B, HPFM60K000E, HPFM60L000A, HPFM60L000E, PAA048N1HA, PAA048N1KA, PAA048N1LA, PAA048N1SA, PAA060N1HA, PAA060N1KA, PAA060N1LA, PAA060N1SA, PAAA47N1K1, PAAA47N1K2, PAAA47N1K4, PAAA47N1K6, PAAA60N1K1, PAAA60N1K2, PAAA60N1K4, PAAA60N1K6, PAAE48N1K1, PAAE60N1K1, PAB048N1HA, PAB048N1HB, PAB048N1HC, PAB048N1HD, PAB048N1HE, PAB048N1LA, PAB048N1LB, PAB048N1LC, PAB048N1LD, PAB048N1LE, PAB048N1SA, PAB060N1HA, PAB060N1HB, PAB060N1HC, PAB060N1HD, PAB060N1HE, PAB060N1LA, PAB060N1LB, PAB060N1LC, PAB060N1LD, PAB060N1LE, PAB060N1SA, PAB060N1SB, PAB060N1SC, PAE048H000C, PAE048H00AA, PAE048H00AC, PAE048L000C, PAE048L00AA, PAE048L00AC, PAE060H000C, PAE060H00AA, PAE060H00AB, PAE060L000C, PAE060L00AA, PAE060L00AB, PAF048L000A, PAF048L000E, PAF048S000A, PAF048S000E, PAF060H000A, PAF060H000B, PAF060H000E, PAF060K000A, PAF060K000B, PAF060K000E, PAF060L000A, PAF060L000B, PAF060L000E, PAF060S000A, PAF060S000B, PAF060S000E, PAK048K000A, PAK060K000A, PAMB48G1, PAMB48G2, PAMB48G4, PAMB48G6, PAMB60G1, PAMB60G2, PAMB60G4, PAMB60G6, PAMC48F1, PAMC48FA, PAMC48FB, PAMC48FD, PAMC48FE, PAMC48H1, PAMC48HA, PAMC48HB, PAMC48HD, PAMC48HE, PAMC48NA, PAMC60F1, PAMC60FA, PAMC60FB, PAMC60FD, PAMC60FE, PAMC60H1, PAMC60HA, PAMC60HB, PAMC60HD, PAMC60HE, PAMC60NA, PAMC60NB, PAME48G0001, PAME60G0001, PGA036F1HA, PGA036F1SA, PGA042F1HA, PGA042F1SA, PGA048F1HA, PGA048F1KA, PGA048F1SA, PGA060D1HA, PGA060D1KA, PGA060D1LA, PGA060E1HA, PGA060E1KA, PGA060E1LA, PGA060E1SA, PGA060G1HA, PGA060G1KA, PGA060G1LA, PGA060G1SA, PGAA47F1K1, PGAA47F1K3, PGAA47F1K4, PGAA47F1K6, PGAA47F1K7, PGAA47F1K8, PGAA48F1K1, PGAA48F1KE, PGAA60D1K1, PGAA60D1K3, PGAA60D1K4, PGAA60D1K6, PGAA60D1K7, PGAA60D1K8, PGAA60D1K9, PGAA60D1KE, PGAA60E1K1, PGAA60E1K3, PGAA60E1K4, PGAA60E1K6, PGAA60E1K7, PGAA60E1K8, PGAA60E1K9, PGAA60E1KE, PGAA60G1K1, PGAA60G1K3, PGAA60G1K4, PGAA60G1K6, PGAA60G1K7, PGAA60G1K8, PGAA60G1K9, PGAA60G1KE, PGAC47F1HA, PGAC47F1HC, PGAC47F1HD, PGAC47F1HE, PGAC60E1HA, PGAC60G1HA, PGAC60G1HC, PGAC60G1HD, PGAC60G1HE, PGAD47F1HA, PGAD47F1HB, PGAD47F1HD, PGAD47F1K1, PGAD47F1K3, PGAD47F1K4, PGAD47F1K5, PGAD47F1K6, PGAD47F1K7, PGAD47F1K8, PGAD47F1LA, PGAD47F1LB, PGAD47F1LD, PGAD48F1HE, PGAD48F1KE, PGAD48F1LE, PGAD60E1HA, PGAD60E1HB, PGAD60E1HC, PGAD60E1HE, PGAD60E1K1, PGAD60E1K3, PGAD60E1K4, PGAD60E1K5, PGAD60E1K6, PGAD60E1K7, PGAD60E1KE, PGAD60E1LA, PGAD60E1LB, PGAD60E1LC, PGAD60E1LE, PGAD60G1HA, PGAD60G1HB, PGAD60G1HC, PGAD60G1HE, PGAD60G1K1, PGAD60G1K3, PGAD60G1K4, PGAD60G1K5, PGAD60G1K6, PGAD60G1K7, PGAD60G1KE, PGAD60G1LA, PGAD60G1LB, PGAD60G1LC, PGAD60G1LE, PGB036F1HA, PGB036F1HC, PGB036F1HD, PGB036F1HE, PGB036F1SA, PGB036F1SC, PGB036F1SD, PGB042F1HA, PGB042F1SA, PGB048F1HA, PGB048F1HB, PGB048F1HC, PGB048F1HD, PGB048F1HE, PGB048F1LA, PGB048F1LB, PGB048F1LC, PGB048F1LD, PGB048F1LE, PGB048F1SA, PGB048F1SB, PGB048F1SC, PGB048F1SD, PGB060D1HA, PGB060D1HB, PGB060D1HC, PGB060D1HD, PGB060D1HE, PGB060D1LA, PGB060D1LB, PGB060D1LC, PGB060D1LD, PGB060D1LE, PGB060E1HA, PGB060E1HB, PGB060E1HC, PGB060E1HD, PGB060E1HE, PGB060E1LA, PGB060E1LB, PGB060E1LC, PGB060E1LD, PGB060E1LE, PGB060G1HA, PGB060G1HB, PGB060G1HC, PGB060G1HD, PGB060G1HE, PGB060G1LA, PGB060G1LB, PGB060G1LC, PGB060G1LD, PGB060G1LE, PGB060G1SA, PGB060G1SB, PGB060G1SC, PGB060G1SD, PGC048H120E, PGC048H120F, PGC048K120A, PGC048K120D, PGC048K120E, PGC048K120F, PGC048L120E, PGC048L120F, PGC048S120E, PGC060K140A, PGCA48F1KE, PGCA48G120E, PGCA60D1KE, PGCA60E1KE, PGCA60G080E, PGCA60G100E, PGCA60G140E, PGCA60G1KE, PGCD48F120E, PGCD48F1HE, PGCD48F1KE, PGCD48F1LE, PGCD48G120E, PGCD48H120E, PGCD60E1HE, PGCD60E1KE, PGCD60E1LE, PGCD60F100E, PGCD60F140E, PGCD60G100E, PGCD60G140E, PGCD60G1HE, PGCD60G1KE, PGCD60G1LE, PGCD60H100E, PGCD60H140E, PGF048H120A, PGF048H120D, PGF048H120E, PGF048H120F, PGF048K120A, PGF048K120D, PGF048K120E, PGF048K120F, PGF048L120A, PGF048L120D, PGF048L120E, PGF048L120F, PGF048S120D, PGF048S120E, PGF048S120F, PGF060H140A, PGF060K140A, PGF060L140A, PGMD47H135A, PGMD47H135B, PGMD48G120E, PGMD48G135, PGMD48G1352, PGMD48G1354, PGMD48G1356, PGMD48G1357, PGMD48G1358, PGMD48G135E, PGMD48H135C, PGMD60G080E, PGMD60G0904, PGMD60G0906, PGMD60G0907, PGMD60G0908, PGMD60G0909, PGMD60G090E, PGMD60G100E, PGMD60G115, PGMD60G1152, PGMD60G1154, PGMD60G1156, PGMD60G1157, PGMD60G1158, PGMD60G1159, PGMD60G115E, PGMD60G140E, PGMD60G1501, PGMD60G1502, PGMD60G1504, PGMD60G1506, PGMD60G1507, PGMD60G1508, PGMD60G1509, PGMD60G150E, PGMD60H150A, PGMD60H150B, PGMD60H150C, PGME48F120E, PGME48F135A, PGME48F135B, PGME48F135D, PGME48F135E, PGME48G120E, PGME48G135, PGME48G1352, PGME48G1354, PGME48G1355, PGME48G1356, PGME48G1358, PGME48G135E, PGME48H120E, PGME48H135A, PGME48H135B, PGME48H135D, PGME48H135E, PGME60F100E, PGME60F115A, PGME60F115B, PGME60F115C, PGME60F115E, PGME60F140E, PGME60F150A, PGME60F150B, PGME60F150C, PGME60F150E, PGME60G100E, PGME60G115, PGME60G1152, PGME60G1154, PGME60G1155, PGME60G1156, PGME60G1157, PGME60G115E, PGME60G140E, PGME60G150, 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