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10.00 LBS
New Part #:
Replaced by Part # 24370800
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review


  • Part Info & Specifications



    • (1) - SOLID STATE T.D. (1060410)

    Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers:

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Fits ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Snyder General, KeepRite and Day & Night Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    867.801011, 867.801021, 867.801031, 867.801041, 867.801051, 867.801111, 867.801121, 867.801131, 867.801151, 867.801201, 867.801202, 867.801211, 867.801212, 867.801221, 867.801222, 867.801231, 867.801232, 867.801241, 867.801242, 867.802851, 867.802861, 867.802871, 867.802881, 867.803001, 867.803002, 867.803011, 867.803012, 867.803021, 867.803022, 867.803031, 867.803032, 867.803041, 867.803042, 867.803151, 867.803161, 867.803171, 867.803181, 867.814601, 867.814612, 867.814623, 867.814632, A2P030B3Y1, A6P024B3Y1, A6P030B3Y1, A6P036A3Y1, A6P042A3Y1, A6P048A3Y1, A6P060A3Y1, A6S518A3V, A6S524A3V, A6S530A3V, A6S536A3V, A6S542A3V, A6S548A3V, A6S560A3V, A8S524A3V1, A8S530A3V1, A8S530A3V2, A8S536A3V1, A8S536A3V2, A8S542A3V1, A8S542A3V2, A8S548A3V2, A8S560B3V2, AG018GA, AG060G, AH018G, AH018G2, AH024G, AH024G2, AH030G, AH030G2, AH036G, AH036G2, AH042G, AH042G2, AH048G, AH048G2, AH060G, AH060G2, AJ030G, AJ036G, AJ042G, AJ048G, AJ060G, CA5018QKB1, CA5018VKB1, CA5548VHC1, CA5548VKC1, CA5548VLC1, CA5560QKA1, CA5560VHA1, CA5560VHC1, CA5560VKA1, CA5560VKC1, CA5560VLC1, CA7030QKA2, CA7030VKA2, CA7036QKA2, CA7036VKA2, CA7042QKA2, CA7042VKA2, CA7048QKA2, CA7048VKA2, CA7518QKA1, CA7518VKA1, CA7524QKA1, CA7524VKA1, CA7530QKA1, CA7530VKA1, CA7536QKA1, CA7536VKA1, CA7536VKA2, CA7542QKA1, CA7542VKA1, CA7542VKA2, CA7548QKA1, CA7548VKA1, CA7560QKA1, CA7560VKA1, CA9018VKC1, CA9024VKC1, CA9030VKA1, CA9030VKA2, CA9030VKA3, CA9030VKC1, CA9036VKA1, CA9036VKA2, CA9036VKA3, CA9036VKC1, CA9042VKA1, CA9042VKA2, CA9042VKA3, CA9042VKC1, CA9048VKA1, CA9048VKA2, CA9048VKA3, CA9048VKC1, CA9060VKB1, CA9060VKC1, CA9624VKA1, CA9630VKA1, CA9636VKA1, CA9642VKA1, CA9648VKA1, CA9660VKA1, CA9660VKA2, CBA048F1, CBA048H1, CBA060F1, CBA060H1, CBA060HA1, CH3018QKB2, CH3018VKB2, CH3024QKB2, CH3024VKB2, CH3030QKB2, CH3030VKB2, CH3036QKB2, CH3036VKB2, CH3042QKB2, CH3042VKB2, CH5018QKB2, CH5018QKB3, CH5018QKB4, CH5018VKB2, CH5018VKB3, CH5018VKB4, CH5018VKB5, CH5024QKB2, CH5024QKB3, CH5024VKB2, CH5024VKB3, CH5030QKB2, CH5030QKB3, CH5030VKB2, CH5030VKB3, CH5036QKB2, CH5036QKB3, CH5036VKB2, CH5036VKB3, CH5042QKB2, CH5042QKB3, CH5042QKB4, CH5042QKB5, CH5042VKB2, CH5042VKB3, CH5042VKB4, CH5042VKB5, CH7518QKA1, CH7518QKA2, CH7518VKA1, CH7518VKA2, CH7518VKA3, CH7524QKA1, CH7524QKA2, CH7524QKA3, CH7524VKA1, CH7524VKA2, CH7524VKA3, CH7524VKA4, CH7530QKA1, CH7530QKA2, CH7530VKA1, CH7530VKA2, CH7530VKA3, CH7536QKA2, CH7536QKA3, CH7536VKA1, CH7536VKA2, CH7536VKA3, CH7536VKA4, CH7536VKA5, CH7536VKA6, CH7536VKA7, CH7542QKA1, CH7542QKA2, CH7542VKA1, CH7542VKA2, CH7542VKA3, CH7542VKA4, CH7542VKA5, CH7542VKA6, CH7548QKA1, CH7548QKA2, CH7548VKA1, CH7548VKA2, CH7548VKA3, CH7560QKA1, CH7560QKA2, CH7560VKA1, CH7560VKA2, CH7560VKA3, CH9518VKA1, CH9518VKA2, CH9518VKA3, CH9524VKA1, CH9524VKA2, CH9524VKA3, CH9530VKA1, CH9530VKA2, CH9530VKA3, CH9536VKA1, CH9536VKA2, CH9536VKA3, CH9542VKA1, CH9542VKA2, CH9542VKA3, CH9548VKA1, CH9548VKA2, CH9548VKA3, CH9560VKA1, CH9560VKA2, G4P042A3B1, G4P047A3C1, G4P047A3E1, G4P048A3C1, G4P048A3E1, G4P060A3D1, G4P060A3F1, G6P024A3A1, G6P024A3B1, G6P024A3C1, G6P030A3B1, G6P030A3C1, G6P036A3B1, G6P036A3C1, G6P036A3D1, H6P024A3Y1, H6P024A3Y2, H6P030A3Y1, H6P030A3Y2, H6P036A3Y1, H6P036A3Y2, H6P042A3Y1, H6P042A3Y2, H6P048A3Y1, H6P060A3Y1, H8S518A3V1, H8S518A3V2, H8S524A3V1, H8S524A3V2, H8S530A3V1, H8S530A3V2, H8S536A3V1, H8S536A3V2, H8S542A3V1, H8S542A3V2, H8S548A3V1, H8S548A3V2, H8S560A3V1, NPAHC24AK01, NPAHC24BK01, NPAHC30AK01, NPAHC30BK01, NPAHC36AK01, NPAHC42AK01, NPAHC48AK01, NPAHC60AK01, NRGH24DDK01, NRGH30DDK01, NRGH36DDK01, NRGH42EDK01, PA5524AKA1, PA5530AKA1, PA5536AKA1, PA5542AKA1, PA5548AKA1, PA5560AKA1, PAA036N1KA, PAA042N1KA, PAA060N1HA, PAAA36N1K1, PAAA42N1K1, PAAA42N1K2, PAAA47N1K1, PAAA47N1K2, PAAA60N1K1, PAAA60N1K2, PAB042N1HA, PAB048N1HA, PAB060N1HA, PAMB36G1, PAMB42G1, PAMB42G2, PAMB48G1, PAMB48G2, PAMB60G1, PAMB60G2, PAMC42HA, PAMC48HA, PAMC60HA, PAPA24GA1, PAPA30GA1, PAPA36GA1, PAPA42GA1, PAPA48GA1, PAPA60GA1, PARA47N1K1, PARA59N1K1, PGA048D1HA, PGA048D1KA, PGA048D2HA, PGA048D2KA, PGA048F1HA, PGA048F1KA, PGA048F2HA, PGA060D2KA, PGA060E2KA, PGA060G1KA, PGAA18B1K3, PGAA18C1K3, PGAA24B1K3, PGAA24C1K3, PGAA24D1K1, PGAA24D1K3, PGAA29C1K1, PGAA29D1K1, PGAA30C1K3, PGAA30D1K3, PGAA36C1K1, PGAA36C1K3, PGAA36D1K1, PGAA36D1K3, PGAA36E1K1, PGAA36E1K3, PGAA42C1K1, PGAA42C1K3, PGAA42E1K3, PGAA47D1K1, PGAA47D1K3, PGAA47F1K1, PGAA47F1K3, PGAA48D1K1, PGAA48D2K1, PGAA48F1K1, PGAA48F2K1, PGAA60D1K1, PGAA60D1K3, PGAA60D2K1, PGAA60E1K1, PGAA60E1K3, PGAA60E2K1, PGAA60G1K1, PGAA60G1K3, PGAA60G2K1, PGAB18B1K1, PGAB18C1K1, PGAB24B1K1, PGAB24C1K1, PGAB24D1K1, PGAB30C1K1, PGAB30D1K1, PGAB36C1K1, PGAB36D1K1, PGAB36E1K1, PGAC36C1HA, PGAC36C1HC, PGAC36D1HA, PGAC36D1HC, PGAC36E1HA, PGAC42C1HA, PGAC42C1HC, PGAC42E1HA, PGAC42E1HC, PGAC47D1HA, PGAC47F1HA, PGAC47F1HC, PGAC47F1HD, PGAC60E1HA, PGAC60G1HA, PGAC60G1HC, PGAC60G1HD, PGAD24B1K1, PGAD24B1K3, PGAD24B1K4, PGAD24D1K1, PGAD24D1K3, PGAD24D1K4, PGAD30D1K1, PGAD30D1K3, PGAD30D1K4, PGAD36D1K1, PGAD36D1K2, PGAD36D1K3, PGAD36D1K4, PGAD36E1K1, PGAD36E1K3, PGAD36E1K4, PGAD42D1K1, PGAD42D1K3, PGAD42D1K4, PGAD42E1K1, PGAD42E1K3, PGAD42E1K4, PGAD47D1K1, PGAD47D1K3, PGAD47D1K4, PGAD47F1K1, PGAD47F1K3, PGAD47F1K4, PGAD60E1K1, PGAD60E1K3, PGAD60E1K4, PGAD60G1K1, PGAD60G1K3, PGAD60G1K4, PGMD18G0402, PGMD24G0602, PGMD24G0752, PGMD30G0602, PGMD30G0752, PGMD36G0602, PGMD36G0752, PGMD36G0952, PGMD36H060A, PGMD36H090A, PGMD42G115, PGMD42G1152, PGMD42H060A, PGMD42H115A, PGMD47H135A, PGMD47H135B, PGMD48G090, PGMD48G0902, PGMD48G135, PGMD48G1352, PGMD60G115, PGMD60G1152, PGMD60G1501, PGMD60G1502, PGMD60H150A, PGMD60H150B, PGME24G040, PGME24G0402, PGME24G0404, PGME24G075, PGME24G0752, PGME24G0904, PGME30G075, PGME30G0752, PGME30G0904, PGME36G075, PGME36G0752, PGME36G0904, PGME36G095, PGME36G0952, PGME36G1154, PGME42G075, PGME42G0752, PGME42G0904, PGME42G115, PGME42G1152, PGME42G1154, PGME48G090, PGME48G0902, PGME48G0904, PGME48G135, PGME48G1352, PGME48G1354, PGME60G115, PGME60G1152, PGME60G1154, PGME60G150, PGME60G1502, PGME60G1504, PGMG48H1351, PGMG60H1501, PH5024AKB2, PH5024AKB3, PH5024AKB4, PH5030AKB2, PH5030AKB3, PH5030AKB4, PH5036AKB2, PH5036AKB3, PH5036AKB4, PH5042AKB2, PH5042AKB3, PH5042AKB4, PH5048AKB1, PH5060AKB1, YJ018G, YJ018G1, YJ018G2, YJ030G1, YJ036G, YJ036G1, YJ036G2, YJ042G, YJ042G1, YJ042G2, YJ048G, YJ048G1, YJ048G2, YJ060G, YJ060G1, YJ060G2, YK018G, YK018G1, YK018G2, YK018GC2, YK024G, YK024G1, YK024G2, YK024GC2, YK030G, YK030G1, YK030G2, YK030GC2, YK036G, YK036G2, YK036GC2, YK042G, YK042G2, YK042GC2, YK048G, YK048G2, YK048GC2, YK060G, YK060G2, YK060GC2

    If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

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