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Lennox 12F49 Fan Motor

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10.00 LBS
Shaft Diameter:
Shaft Length:

Lennox 12F49 Fan Motor



  • (1) - Fan Motor (12F49)


  • Manufacturer: InterLink
  • Model # YFK-73.5L-6
  • Horsepower: 1/10
  • Voltage: 208-230
  • Hertz: 60
  • Full Load Amperage: 0.7
  • Locked Rotor Amperage: 1.4
  • Phase: Single
  • RPM: 1075
  • Speeds: 1
  • Frame: 42Y
  • Motor Cooling/Duty: Air Over Continuous
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Capacitor Needed: 5 MFD @ 370 VAC
  • Mounting: Studs
  • Rotation: Counterclockwise Lead End
  • Shaft Type: Single Side Flat Shaft
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
  • Shaft Length: 1 5/8"
  • Number of Wires: 3
  • Orange Wire: Contactor
  • Black Wire: Contactor
  • Purple Wire: Capacitor

Country of Origin: China

Note: Always check the fan blade on your fan assembly. Bad or unbalanced fan blades can cause premature motor failure due to vibration. If you are not sure what fan blade fits your fan assembly, call us at 734-326-3900.

To prevent premature motor failure, it is highly recommended you change your capacitor along with your motor. Capacitors out of tolerance can cause motors to overheat and prematurely fail. If you are unsure of what capacitor is required for your unit, please call us at 734-326-3900.

Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

  • 96W83
  • 47W86
  • 100483-41
  • 100483-45
  • 100483-35
  • 100483-23

Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

  • 47W86
  • 96W83
  • 97M50
  • R100483-04
  • 100483-41
  • 100483-45
  • 100483-35
  • 100483-23
  • 100483-04

Other Part Numbers:

MFG. NO. 100483-41, T.P. 17AM-D(140), E214731, E257801, AIR OVER CONT, INS CL B, 15012900889, YFK-73.5L-6

Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

13ACD-018-230-10, 13ACD-018-230-12, 13ACD-018-230-14, 13ACD-018-230-15, 13ACD-024-230-11, 13ACD-024-230-12, 13ACD-024-230-13, 13ACD-024-230-14, 13ACD-024-230-15, 13ACDN018-230-15, 13ACDN024-230-15, 13ACX-018-230-10, 13ACX-018-230-11, 13ACX-018-230-12, 13ACX-018-230-13, 13ACX-018-230-14, 13ACX-018-230-15, 13ACX-018-230-17, 13ACX-018-230-18, 13ACX-024-230-10, 13ACX-024-230-11, 13ACX-024-230-12, 13ACX-024-230-13, 13ACX-024-230-15, 13ACX-024-230-17, 13ACX-024-230-18, 13ACX-024-230-19, 13ACX-024-230-20, 13ACXN018-230-17, 13ACXN018-230-18, 13ACXN018-230-19, 13ACXN018-230-21, 13ACXN018-230-A23, 13ACXN024-230-19, 13ACXN024-230-20, 13ACXN024-230-A21, 13ACXN024-230-A23, 13ACXN024-230-A25, 13GEP24050ALP-3, 13HPX-018-230-17, 13HPX-018-230-19, 13HPX-024-230-17, 13HPX-024-230-18, 13HPX-024-230-19, 14ACX-018-230-10, 14ACX-018-230-11, 14ACX-018-230-12, 14ACX-018-230-13, 14ACX-018-230-A14, 14ACX-018-230-A15, 14ACXS018-230A-14, 14ACXS018-230A-15, 14HPX-018-230-02, 14HPX-018-230-10, 14HPX-018-230-11, 14HPX-018-230-12, 14HPX-018-230-13, 14HPX-018-230-14, 14HPX-018-230-15, 14HPX-024-230-10, 14HPX-024-230-11, 14HPX-024-230-12, 14HPX-024-230-13, 14HPX-024-230-14, 14HPX-024-230-15, 14HPX-030-230-10, 14HPX-030-230-11, 14HPX-030-230-12, 14HPX-030-230-13, 14HPX-030-230-14, 2AC13B18P-2B, 4AC13B18P-2A, 4AC13B18P-5A, 4AC13B24P-3A, 4AC13B24P-5A, 4AC13L18P-2A, 4AC13L18P-3A, 4AC13L18P-4A, 4AC13L18P-5A, 4AC13L18P-6A, 4AC13L18P-7A, 4AC13L18P-8A, 4AC13L24P-3A, 4AC13L24P-5A, 4AC13L24P-6A, 4AC13L24P-7A, 4AC13L24P-8A, 4AC13N18P-7A, 4AC13N18P-8A, 4AC13N18P-9A, 4AC13N18P-10A, 4AC13N18P-18A, 4AC13N24P-7A, 4AC13N24P-8A, 4AC13N24P-9A, 4AC13N24P-10A, 4AC13N24P-18A, 4AC14L18P-2A, 4AC14L18P-6A, 4AC14L18P-7A, 4AC14LS18-6A, 4AC14LS18-7A, 4HP13B18P-7A, 4HP13B24P-7A, 4HP13L18P-7A, 4HP13L24P-7A, 4HP14L18P-2A, 4HP14L18P-3A, 4HP14L18P-4A, 4HP14L18P-5A, 4HP14L24P-2A, 4HP14L24P-3A, 4HP14L24P-4A, 4HP14L24P-5A, 4HP14L30P-2A, 4HP14L30P-3A, 4HP14L30P-4A, 4HP14L30P-5A, AC13-018-230-04, AC13-024-230-04, EL16XC1-018-230A-01, EL16XC1-018-230A-02, LCS13DC-018-230-01, LCS13DC-018-230-03, LCS13DC-024-230-01, LCS13DC-024-230-03, LCS13DC-024-230-04, ML14XC1-018-230A-01, ML14XC1-018-230A-02, ML14XC1-018-230A-04, XC13-018-230-02, XC13-018-230-03, XC13-024-230-02, XC13-024-230-04, XC13-024-230-06, XC13-024-230-08, XC13N018-230A-04, XC13N018-230A-06, XC13N018-230A-07, XC13N024-230A-08, XC13N024-230A-09, XC13N024-230A-10, XC14-018-230-02, XC14-018-230-03, XC14-018-230-04, XC14-018-230A-05, XP13-018-230-04, XP13-018-230-05, XP13-018-230-06, XP13-018-230-07, XP13-024-230-04, XP13-024-230-05, XP13-024-230-06, XP13-024-230-07, XP13-024-230-08, XP13-024-230-10, XP13-024-230-11, XP13-030-230-04, XP13-030-230-05, XP13-030-230-06, XP13-030-230-07, XP13-036-230-04, XP13-036-230-05, XP14-018-230-02, XP14-018-230-03, XP14-018-230-04, XP14-018-230-05, XP14-018-230-06, XP14-018-230-07, XP14-024-230-02, XP14-024-230-03, XP14-024-230-04, XP14-024-230-05, XP14-024-230-06, XP14-024-230-07, XP14-030-230-02, XP14-030-230-03, XP14-030-230-04, XP14-030-230-05, XP14-030-230-06, XP14-030-230-07, XP16-024-230-04, XP16-024-230-05, XP16-024-230-06, XP16-024-230-07, XP16-024-230-08, XP16-024-230-09, XP16-024-230-10, XP16-024-230-11

Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

13ACD-018-230-12, 13ACD-018-230-14, 13ACD-018-230-15, 13ACD-024-230-12, 13ACD-024-230-13, 13ACD-024-230-14, 13ACD-024-230-15, 13ACDL-018-230-1, 13ACDL-018-230-3, 13ACDL-024-230-1, 13ACDL-024-230-2, 13ACDL-024-230-3, 13ACDP-018-230-1, 13ACDP-024-230-1, 2AC13B18P-1A, 2AC13B18P-2B, 2AC13B18P-2C, 2AC13B24P-1A, 2AC13B24P-2B, 2AC13B24P-2D, 2AC13B30P-1A, 2AC13B30P-2B, 2AC13B30P-2C, 2AC13B36P-1A, 2AC13B36P-2B, 2AC13B36T-1A, 2AC13B36T-2B, 2AC13BC18P-1A, 2AC13BC24P-1A, 2AC13BC30P-1A, 2AC13BC36P-1A, 2AC13L18P-1A, 2AC13L18P-2B, 2AC13L24P-1A, 2AC13L24P-2B, 2AC13L30P-1A, 2AC13L30P-2B, 2AC13L30P-2C, 2AC13L36P-1A, 2AC13L36P-2B, 2AC13L36T-1A, 2AC13L36T-2B, 2AC13LC18P-1A, 2AC13LC24P-1A, 2AC13LC30P-1A, 2AC13LC36P-1A, 2HP13B18P-, 2HP13B18P-, 2HP13B18P-, HEATPUMP/1.5TON-2, HEATPUMP/1.5TON-1, 2HP13B18P-1B, 2HP13B24P-, 2HP13B24P-, 2HP13B24P-, HEATPUMP/2TON-208, HEATPUMP/2TON-1, 2HP13B24P-1B, 2HP13BC18P-1A, 2HP13BC24P-1A, 2HP13L18P-, 2HP13L18P-, 2HP13L18P-, HEATPUMP/1.5TON-2, HEATPUMP/1.5TON-1, 2HP13L18P-1A, 2HP13L18P-1B, 2HP13L24P-, 2HP13L24P-, 2HP13L24P-, HEATPUMP/2TON-208, HEATPUMP/2TON-1, 2HP13L24P-1A, 2HP13L24P-1B, 2HP13LC18P-1A, 2HP13LC24P-1A, 2HP14B18P-1A, 2HP14B24P-1A, 2HP14BC18P-1A, 2HP14BC24P-1A, 2HP14L18P-1A, 2HP14L24P-1A, 2HP14LC18P-1A, 2HP14LC24P-1A, 2SCU13LB118P-2, 2SCU13LB124P-2, 2SCU13LB124P-3, 2SCU13LE118P-2, 2SCU13LE124P-2, 2SCU13LE124P-3, 4AC13B18P-1A, 4AC13B18P-2A, 4AC13B18P-3A, 4AC13B18P-4A, 4AC13B18P-5A, 4AC13B18P-6A, 4AC13B18P-7A, 4AC13B18P-8A, 4AC13B24P-1A, 4AC13B24P-2A, 4AC13B24P-3A, 4AC13B24P-5A, 4AC13B24P-6A, 4AC13B24P-7A, 4AC13B24P-8A, 4AC13B30P-1A, 4AC13L18P-1A, 4AC13L18P-2A, 4AC13L18P-3A, 4AC13L18P-4A, 4AC13L18P-5A, 4AC13L18P-6A, 4AC13L18P-7A, 4AC13L18P-8A, 4AC13L18P-9A, 4AC13L24P-1A, 4AC13L24P-2A, 4AC13L24P-3A, 4AC13L24P-5A, 4AC13L24P-6A, 4AC13L24P-7A, 4AC13L24P-8A, 4AC13L24P-9A, 4AC13L30P-1A, 4AC14B18P-2A, 4AC14B18P-6A, 4AC14BR18P-6A, 4AC14L18P-2A, 4AC14L18P-3A, 4AC14L18P-6A, 4AC14L18P-7A, 4AC14LR18P-6A, 4AC14LR18P-7A, 4HP13B18P-1A, 4HP13B18P-7A, 4HP13B24P-1A, 4HP13B24P-7A, 4HP13L18P-1A, 4HP13L18P-7A, 4HP13L24P-1A, 4HP13L24P-7A, 4HP14B18P-2A, 4HP14B24P-2A, 4HP14B30P-2A, 4HP14L18P-2A, 4HP14L18P-3A, 4HP14L18P-4A, 4HP14L18P-5A, 4HP14L18P-6A, 4HP14L24P-2A, 4HP14L24P-3A, 4HP14L24P-4A, 4HP14L24P-5A, 4HP14L24P-6A, 4HP14L30P-2A, 4HP14L30P-3A, 4HP14L30P-4A, 4HP14L30P-5A, 4HP16LT24P-1, 4HP16LT24P-2, 4HP16LT24P-3, 4SCU13LB118P-2, 4SCU13LB118P-3, 4SCU13LB124P-2, 4SCU13LB124P-3, 4SCU13LE118P-2, 4SCU13LE118P-3, 4SCU13LE118P-4, 4SCU13LE118P-5, 4SCU13LE124P-2, 4SCU13LE124P-3, 4SCU13LE124P-4, 4SCU13LE124P-5, 4SCU14LB118P-7, 4SCU14LBR18P-7, 4SCU14LE118P-2, 4SCU14LE118P-3, 4SCU14LE118P-4, 4SCU14LE118P-7, 4SCU14LER18P-7, 4SHP13LB118P-1, 4SHP13LB118P-2, 4SHP13LB124P-1, 4SHP13LB124P-2, 4SHP13LE118P-1, 4SHP13LE118P-2, 4SHP13LE118P-3, 4SHP13LE118P-5, 4SHP13LE118P-6, 4SHP13LE124P-1, 4SHP13LE124P-2, 4SHP13LE124P-5, 4SHP13LE124P-6, 4SHP16LS124P-1, 4SHP16LS124P-2, 4SHP16LS124P-3, 4SHP16LT124P-2, 4SHP16LT124P-3, RCE13A24P-2, RGE13A24050LP-3, RGE13A24050P-3, RGE13A24075P-3, RPCE13A24P-2, RPGE13A24050LP-3, RPGE13A24050P-3, RPGE13A24075P-3, TSA024S4-1, W2C318A-1A, W2C318A-1B, W2C318A-2B, W2C324A-1A, W2C324A-1B, W2C324A-2B, W2C330A-1A, W2C330A-1B, W2C330A-2B, W2C336A-1A, W2C336A-1B, W2C336A-2B, W2C336B-1B, W2C418A-1A, W2C424A-1A, W2GC318A-2, W2GC324A-2, W2GC324A-3, W2H318A-1B, W2H324A-1B, W2H418A-1A, W2H424A-1A, W4GC318A-2, W4GC324A-2, W4GC418A-2, W4GH318A-1, W4GH324A-1

If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

Technical Hot & Cold honors all manufacturer warranties and offers a 1-year warranty on non-maintenance items.

Shipping Policy

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Technical Hot & Cold ships brand new genuine HVAC/R parts worldwide. We ship Monday-Friday from our own warehouse via UPS or freight. UPS transit times are during business days only. If you need Saturday delivery or would like to ship via your own shipping account, call us at (734) 326-3900. Duties are not included on international shipments. Please note all orders placed after 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time will be processed the following morning. If parts are needed prior to this time please feel free to contact our parts specialists at (734) 326-3900 to inquire about availability.


These are parts that were not installed.

  1. Before returning any item purchased through Technical Hot and Cold you must call in for a return authorization (734) 326-3900.
  2. Packaging the item: Must include a copy of the invoice and full model and serial number and/or commission number of the unit.

The item will need to be shipped to: Technical Hot and Cold Parts Department 38568 Webb Dr. Westland, MI 48185

  1. If the return is due to Technical Hot and Cold’s error, we will pay for return shipping. If not, shipping must be paid for by the customer and a 10% restock fee will be assessed.
  2. Returned items will be inspected to determine whether the part was installed. Items returned with evidence of being bolted down (screw marks), marks on electrical spade terminals, or set-screw marks on motor shafts will not be refunded. Items returned that are missing components will not be refunded. Items determined to be installed will be returned to customer.
  3. Special order items are non-returnable/non-refundable.


These are parts that were installed and failed.

  1. Before returning any item purchased through Technical Hot and Cold you must call in for return authorization (734)326-3900.
  2. Packaging the item: must include a copy of the invoice and full model and serial number and/or commission number of the unit.

The item will need to be shipped to: Technical Hot and Cold Parts Department 38568 Webb Dr. Westland, MI 48185

  1. All new items purchased through Technical Hot and Cold have a one-year factory warranty.
  2. Return shipping costs for the failed part to Technical Hot and Cold and shipping costs of the new good part to the customer will not be reimbursed.
  3. No refund will be issued for items returned for warranty and tested as good. Return shipping costs to Technical Hot and Cold and shipping costs to return these parts to the customer will not be reimbursed.
  5. The part must be the manufacturer recommended replacement for the unit and must be used for its intended application to be elible for warranty. Parts used in the incorrect unit, abused, or used outside its intended application will not be eligible for warranty. Maintenance items (e.g. filters, fuses, lamps, etc.) are not eligible for warranty.

Errors that are our fault

If you receive the wrong part, and it is our error, we will allow you to return the part for a full refund and we will pay to ship the replacement part to you. You will receive a credit for your returned part and you will be billed for the correct part after it has been shipped to you. All credits will be applied to the credit card account that it was originally billed to.

Errors that are your fault

If you order the wrong part, we will allow you to return parts in their original packaging. Parts that are returned for restocking must be returned with shipping costs prepaid. Parts returned for credit must be in new and sellable condition in their original packaging. Returned parts must include all instructions and packaging material.

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