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Lennox 12L75 Filter Drier

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5.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Lennox 12L75 Filter Drier

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Specifications:

    • Refrigerant: R22/R-410A
    • Connection Type: ODF Solder
    • Connection Size: 7/8"
    • Flow Capacity: 1 - 2.5 Tons

    Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

    • 12L7501

    Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers:

    Emerson 12L7501 Suction Line Filter Drier, 16 cu in, 7/8" ODF Solder, 1-2.5 Tons, 12L7501, 66255129840, Emerson Climate Tech

    Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    HS18-461-1, HS18-461-3, HS18-461-4, HS18-461-7, HS18-463-1, HS18-463-3, HS18-463-4, HS18-463-7, HS18-511-1, HS18-511-3, HS18-511-4, HS18-511-5, HS18-513-1, HS18-513-3, HS18-513-4, HS18-513-5, HS18-650-1, HS18-650-2, HS18-650-4, HS18-650-5, HS18-650-8, HS19-461-1, HS19-461-3, HS19-461-5, HS19-461-6, HS19-463-3, HS19-463-5, HS19-463-6, HS19-511-1, HS19-511-2, HS19-511-3, HS19-511-4, HS19-511-5, HS19-511-6, HS19-513-3, HS19-513-4, HS19-513-5, HS19-513-6, HS19-651-1, HS19-651-2, HS19-651-3, HS19-651-4, HS19-651-5, HS19-651-6, HS19-653-2, HS19-653-3, HS19-653-4, HS19-653-6, HS20-461-1, HS20-461-2, HS22-461-1, HS22-461-2, HS22-461-3, HS22-511-1, HS22-651-1, HS23-461-1, HS23-461-2, HS23-461-4, HS23-461-5, HS23-461-6, HS23-463-1, HS23-463-2, HS23-463-4, HS23-463-5, HS23-511-1, HS23-511-3, HS23-511-4, HS23-513-1, HS23-513-3, HS23-513-4, HS23-651-1, HS23-651-3, HS23-651-4, HS23-653-1, HS23-653-3, HS23-653-4, HS24-461-1, HS24-463-1, HS24-511-1, HS24-513-1, HS24-651-2, HS25-461-1, HS25-463-1, HS25-511-1, HS25-511-2, HS25-513-1, HS26-048-2, HS26-048-3, HS26-048-4, HS26-048-5, HS26-461-1, HS29-461-2, HS29-463-2, HS29-511-2, HS29-513-2, HS29-651-2, HS29-653-2, HS29-681-1, HS29-683-1, HS30-411-1, HS30-411-2, HS30-461-1, HS30-461-2, HS30-511-1, HS30-651-1

    Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane, Magic Chef, and Magic-Pak Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

    If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

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