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Lennox 63W26 Ignition Control Board

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4.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Lennox 63W26 Ignition Control Board

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Includes:

    • (1) - Ignition Control Board (63W26)


    • Line Voltage: Line 120V (97-132 VAC), 50/60 Hz
    • Low Voltage: Line 24V (18-30 VAC), 50/60 Hz
    • Current Draw: 0.5A Input Current, Plus Valve Load @ 24VAC
    • Igniter Current: 1.0A Resistive @ 95 VAC Output
    • Thermostat Anticipator Setting: (Stage 1 only) 100mA
    • Prepurge: 5 Seconds
    • HSI Warmup: 20 Seconds
    • Trial for Ignition: 4 Seconds
    • Postpurge: 5 Seconds
    • Interpurge: 15 Seconds
    • Auto Restart Delay: 60 Minutes (After Soft Lockout)
    • Ignition Trials: Five, Four Retries If Flame Is Not Sensed On The First Trial
    • Second Stage Recognition Delay: 30 Seconds (Only On First Call For High Fire On A Call For Heat)
    • Second Stage ON Delay: 10 Or 15 Minutes (Depending On Dip Switch S1 Setting For Switch 2) When Used With A Single-Stage Thermostat
    • Second Stage Fan OFF Delay: 30 Seconds
    • Flame Failure Response Time: 2 Seconds Maximum @ 1A
    • LEDs: Two LEDs Provide The Following: A Red LED Provides System Status And Faults, A Green LED Shows Information About The EnviraCOM Traffic
    • Fan Delays:
    • Heat Fan ON Delay: 45 Seconds
    • Heat Fan OFF Delay: 60, 90, 120 or 180 Seconds (Depending On Dip Switch S1 Settings For Switches 3 And 4)
    • Cool Fan ON Delay: 2 Seconds
    • Cool Fan OFF Delay: 2 Or 45 Seconds (Depending On Dip Switch S1 Setting For Switch 5)
    • Gas Control: Any VAC Redundant, Direct Ignition Gas Control Rated At 1.5A Or Less. Honeywell VR8205 Recommended
    • Cooling Contactor: Any 24 Vac Contactor Rated At 1.0A Or Less
    • Induced Draft Blower: 2.2 FLA/25LRA Maximum @ 120VAC
    • Circulator Load: 14.5FLA/25LRA Maximum @ 120VAC
    • Line Voltage Humidifier: 1A Resistive Load Maximum @ 120VAC
    • Low Voltage Humidifier: 1A Resistive Load Maximum @ 24VAC
    • Electronic Air Cleaner: 1A Resistive Load Maximum @ 120VAC
    • Operating Temperature:-40 Degree F to 175 Degree F
    • Relative Humidity: 0% to 95% Condensing
    • Board Dimensions: 8 3/16" x 4 3/16"

    Replaces Old Lennox Part Numbers:

    • 23W25
    • 100869-02
    • 100869-01

    Replaces Old Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane Part Numbers:

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Other Part Numbers:

    Honeywell, ANSI Z21.20, 5W240J, TAI-OHM, 100869-03, S9220E1018, 1505J17603, 15J31358, Lennox , Surelight, TSTAT HEAT STAGES, 2nd STAGE DELAY, HEAT OFF DELAY, COOL OFF DELAY, NEUTRALS,

    Fits Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    G60DF-36A-070X-07-07, G60DF-36A-070X-09-09, G60DF-36A-070X-10-10, G60DF-36B-090-07-07, G60DF-36B-090-09-09, G60DF-36B-090-10-10, G60DF-48C-110-07-07, G60DF-48C-110-09-09, G60DF-48C-110-10-10, G60UH-24A-070-07-07, G60UH-24A-070-09-09, G60UH-24A-070-10-10, G60UH-36A-070-07-07, G60UH-36A-070-09-09, G60UH-36A-070-10-10, G60UH-36A-070X-07-07, G60UH-36A-070X-09-09, G60UH-36A-070X-10-10, G60UH-36B-090-07-07, G60UH-36B-090-09-09, G60UH-36B-090-10-10, G60UH-36C-110-07-07, G60UH-36C-110-09-09, G60UH-36C-110-10-10, G60UH-48B-090-07-07, G60UH-48B-090-09-09, G60UH-48B-090-10-10, G60UH-48B-090X-07-07, G60UH-48B-090X-09-09, G60UH-48B-090X-10-10, G60UH-48C-110-07-07, G60UH-48C-110-09-09, G60UH-48C-110-10-10, G60UH-60C-110X-07-07, G60UH-60C-110X-08-08, G60UH-60C-110X-09-09, G60UH-60C-110X-10-10, G60UH-60D-135-07-07, G60UH-60D-135-08-08, G60UH-60D-135-09-09, G60UH-60D-135-10-10, G61MP-36B-045-07, G61MP-36B-045-09, G61MP-36B-070-07, G61MP-36B-070-09, G61MP-36B-071-07, G61MP-36B-071-09, G61MP-48C-090-07, G61MP-48C-090-08, G61MP-48C-090-09, G61MP-48C-110-07, G61MP-48C-110-08, G61MP-48C-110-09, G61MP-60C-090-07, G61MP-60C-090-08, G61MP-60C-090-09, G61MP-60C-091-08, G61MP-60C-091-09, G61MP-60C-110-07, G61MP-60C-110-08, G61MP-60C-110-09, G61MP-60C-111-08, G61MP-60C-111-09, G61MP-60D-135-07, G61MP-60D-135-08, G61MP-60D-135-09

    Fits Allied, Armstrong, Concord, Ducane, Magic Chef, and Magic-Pak Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    Various. (Call 734-326-3900 with your model and serial number for more information.)

    If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

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