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Goodman Amana CAP050250440RSP Dual Run Capacitor

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Goodman Amana
1.00 LBS
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

Goodman Amana CAP050250440RSP Dual Run Capacitor

  • Part Info & Specifications

  • Goodman Amana CAP050250440RSP Replacement Part

    Helpful DIY Advice: How to tell if You have a bad air conditioner capacitor and how to test and replace it.


    • (1) - Dual Run Capacitor (CAP050250440RSP)


    • Microfarad: 25+5
    • Voltage: 440

    Replaces Old Goodman Amana Part Numbers

    • CAP050250440RSS

    Other Part Numbers

    CAP 5/25/MFD/440V DU CAP

    Fits Goodman, Amana, Daikin, Janitrol, Kenmore, McQuay, Xenon, GMC, and Gree Models:

    (Press ctrl + F to find model number below.)

    CKL18-1, CKL18-1P, CKL18-1R, CLJ18-1, CLJ18-1, CLJ18-1A, CLJ18-1A, DRYC094B25CM, DRYC094B25CMAB, DRYC094B35AM, DRYC094B35AMAB, DRYC094B35CM, DRYC094B35CMAB, PG018040-1, PG018040-1, PGX018040-1, PGX018040-1, PTC124B00FP, PTC124B00FPBP, PTC124B00HP, PTC124B00HPBP, PTC124B15AM, PTC124B15AMBP, PTC124B25AM, PTC124B25AMBP, PTC124B25CM, PTC124B25CMBP, PTC124B25RM, PTC124B25RMBP, PTC124B35AM, PTC124B35AMBP, PTC124B35AW, PTC124B35AWBP, PTC124B35BM, PTC124B35BMBP, PTC124B35RM, PTC124B35RMBP, PTC124B50AM, PTC124B50AMBP, PTC124B50RM, PTC124B50RMBP, PTC124C35AM, PTC124C35AMBP, PTC124C35AMCA, PTC124C35CM, PTC124C35CMBP, PTC124C35CMCA, PTC124D50AR, PTC124D50ARDA, PTC124D50RR, PTC124D50RRDA, PTH124B15AM, PTH124B15AMBP, PTH124B25AM, PTH124B25AMBP, PTH124B25AW, PTH124B25AWBP, PTH124B35AM, PTH124B35AMBP, PTH124B35AW, PTH124B35AWBP, PTH124B35CM, PTH124B35CMBP, PTH124B50AM, PTH124B50AMBP, PTH124C25AM, PTH124C25AMCA, PTH124C35AM, PTH124C35AMBP, PTH124C35AMCA, PTH124C35AW, PTH124C35AWCA, PTH124C35JM, PTH124C35JMCA, PTH124D50AR, PTH124D50ARDA

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