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How to Fix Carrier Error Code 33 or 13 After Upgrading to a Higher MERV Rated Filter
Upgraded to a Higher MERV-Rated Filter and Now Your Carrier Furnace is Throwing 33 or 13 Error Codes? Due to COVID-19, many people are taking precautions to better their in-home air quality. The big problem however, is a higher MERV rated filter can restrict the air flow going over the furnace's heat exchanger and cause the furnace to go off on high limit. On Carrier, Bryan …
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R-32 Replacing R-410A: Your Official Guide
Did you know that R-22, also known as HCFC-22 or "Freon," was the most common type of refrigerant used for many decades? Its commercialization first took place in 1936, and by the late 50s, it entered the AC market. Today, no one is no longer allowed to produce R-22 in the US, following the EPA's updated 2020 Phase-Out. By 2030, there will be a complete ban on the production a …
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From Smart Furnace Parts to Bubble Wraps: 10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Heating Costs
Did you know that you can create an instant "window glazing" effect with used bubble or cling wrap? That's a pretty clever way of trapping heated air inside your home when you need it the most. This, in turn, is an ingenious, no-cost way that can help trim your heating bills. Speaking of clever, did you know that furnace parts have also become pretty smart? That's right: for i …
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