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ICP 1056899 TRANS 208/240>24 40VA

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10.00 LBS
New Part #:
Replaced by Part # 1082611
  • Technical Hot & Cold BBB Business Review

ICP 1056899 TRANS 208/240>24 40VA

  • Part Info & Specifications



    • (1) - TRANS 208/240>24 40VA (1056899)

    Replaces Old ICP Part Numbers:

    • There are no older part numbers.

    Fits ICP, Heil, Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Snyder General, KeepRite and Day & Night Models:(Press ctrl + F to find model number below if you have any questions call 734-326-3900 for further information)

    867.802110, 867.802120, 867.802130, 867.802140, 867.802150, 867.802160, 867.802410, 867.802420, 867.802430, 867.802440, 867.802450, 867.802700, 867.802710, 867.802720, 867.802800, 867.802810, 867.802830, 867.803100, 867.803120, 867.803130, 867.808310, 867.808320, 867.808330, 867.808340, 867.808350, 867.808360, 867.808370, 867.808380, 867.808410, 867.808411, 867.808420, 867.808421, 867.808430, 867.808431, 867.808610, 867.808620, 867.808630, 867.808960, 867.808970, 867.808980, 867.808990, 867.809060, 867.809070, 867.809080, 867.809090, 867.810300, 867.810520, 867.810530, 867.810540, 867.810551, 867.812130, 867.814471, A2B518A3S1, A2B524A3S1, A2B530A3S1, A2B536A3S1, A2P030B3Y1, A6P024B3Y1, A6P030B3Y1, A6P036A3Y1, A6P042A3Y1, A6P048A3Y1, A6P060A3Y1, BA3018QKA1, BA3018QKB1, BA3018SKA1, BA3018SKB1, BA3024QKA1, BA3024QKB1, BA3024SKA1, BA3024SKB1, BA3030QKA1, BA3030QKB1, BA3030SKA1, BA3030SKB1, BA3036QKA1, BA3036QKB1, BA3036SKA1, BA3036SKB1, BCM024XKA1, BCM024XKB1, BCM024XKB2, BCM024XKC1, BCM024XKC2, BCM024XKC3, BCM024XWB2, BCM036XKA1, BCM036XKB1, BCM036XKB2, BCM036XKC1, BCM036XKC2, BCM036XKC3, BCM036XWB2, BCM060XKA1, BCM060XKB1, BCM060XKB2, BCM060XKC1, BCM060XKC2, BCM060XKC3, BCM060XWB2, BH3018QKA1, BH3018QKB1, BH3018QKB2, BH3018SKA1, BH3018SKB1, BH3018SKB2, BH3018SKC1, BH3018SKC2, BH3024QKA1, BH3024QKB1, BH3024QKB2, BH3024SKA1, BH3024SKB1, BH3024SKB2, BH3024SKC1, BH3024SKC2, BH3036QKA1, BH3036QKB1, BH3036QKB2, BH3036SKA1, BH3036SKB1, BH3036SKB2, BH3036SKC1, BH3036SKC2, BH5048QKA1, BH5048SKA1, BH5048SKC1, BH5060QKA1, BH5060SKA1, BH5060SKC1, BH5060SKC2, BH5060SKC3, BH5518SKA1, BH5518SKA2, BH5524SKA1, BH5524SKA2, BH5530SKA1, BH5530SKA2, BH5536SKA1, BH5536SKA2, BH5542SKA1, BH5542SKA2, BUHA18G, BUHA24G, BUHA36G, BUHA48G, BUHA60G, BUHA60G2, BUHA60G3, BUHB18G1, BUHB18G2, BUHB24G1, BUHB24G2, BUHB30G1, BUHB30G2, BUHB36G1, BUHB36G2, BUHB42G1, BUHB42G2, G4P018A3A1, G4P018A3B1, G4P024A3A1, G4P024A3B1, G4P030A3B1, G4P030A3C1, G4P036A3C2, G4P036A3D2, G4P042A3B1, G4P042A3D1, G4P047A3C1, G4P047A3E1, G4P048A3C1, G4P048A3E1, G4P060A3D1, G4P060A3F1, G6P024A3A1, G6P024A3B1, G6P024A3C1, G6P030A3B1, G6P030A3C1, G6P036A3B1, G6P036A3C1, G6P036A3D1, H2B518A3S1, H2B518B3S1, H2B524A3S1, H2B524B3S1, H2B536A3S2, H2B536B3S2, H4B548A3S1, H4B548B3S1, H4B560A3S1, H4B560B3S1, MMC524A3X1, MMC524B3X1, MMC536A3X1, MMC536B3X1, MMC560A3X1, MMC560B3X1, NEBA029AK01, NEBA034AK01, NEBAA29BK01, NEBAB18BK01, NEBAB24BK01, NEBAB29BK01, NEBAB34BK01, NEBC024AK01, NEBC047AK01, NEBD024AK01, NEBD035AK01, NEBF024AK01, NEBF034AK01, NEBF047AK02, NEBFA18AK01, NEBGB12BK01, NEBGB18BK01, NEBGB24BK01, NPAHC24BK01, NPAHC30BK01, NPAHC36AK01, NPAHC42AK01, NPAHC48AK01, NPAHC60AK01, NPHC036AKF1, NPHCA36AK02, PA5524AKA1, PA5524AKA2, PA5524AKA3, PA5530AKA1, PA5530AKA2, PA5530AKA3, PA5536AHA1, PA5536AHA2, PA5536AKA1, PA5536AKA2, PA5542AKA1, PA5542AKA2, PA5548AHA1, PA5548AHA2, PA5548AKA1, PA5548AKA2, PA5560AHA1, PA5560AHA2, PA5560AKA1, PA5560AKA2, PA5560AKA3, PA9524AKA1, PA9524AKA2, PA9530AKA1, PA9530AKA2, PA9536AKA1, PA9536AKA2, PA9542AKA1, PA9542AKA2, PA9548AKA1, PA9548AKA2, PAAA24N1K1, PAAA24N1K2, PAAA24N1K4, PAAA24N1K5, PAAA30N1K1, PAAA30N1K2, PAAA30N1K4, PAAA36N1K1, PAAA36N1K2, PAAA36N1K3, PAAA36N1K4, PAAA42N1K1, PAAA42N1K2, PAAA42N1K4, PAAA47N1K1, PAAA47N1K2, PAAA47N1K4, PAAA60N1K1, PAAA60N1K2, PAAA60N1K4, PAMB24G1, PAMB24G2, PAMB24G4, PAMB24G5, PAMB30G1, PAMB30G2, PAMB30G4, PAMB36G1, PAMB36G2, PAMB36G4, PAMB42G1, PAMB42G2, PAMB42G4, PAMB48G1, PAMB48G2, PAMB48G4, PAMB60G1, PAMB60G2, PAMB60G4, PAPA24GA1, PAPA24GA2, PAPA24GA3, PAPA30GA1, PAPA30GA2, PAPA30GA3, PAPA36GA1, PAPA36GA2, PAPA36HA1, PAPA36HA2, PAPA42GA1, PAPA42GA2, PAPA48GA1, PAPA48GA2, PAPA48HA1, PAPA48HA2, PAPA60GA1, PAPA60GA2, PAPA60GA3, PAPA60HA1, PAPA60HA2, PAPC24GA1, PAPC24GA2, PAPC30GA1, PAPC30GA2, PAPC36GA1, PAPC36GA2, PAPC42GA1, PAPC42GA2, PAPC48GA1, PAPC48GA2, PARA24N1K1, PARA30N1K1, PARA36N1K1, PARA42N1K1, PARA47N1K1, PARA59N1K1, PGAA18B1K1, PGAA18B1K3, PGAA18B1K4, PGAA18B1K5, PGAA18C1K1, PGAA18C1K3, PGAA18C1K4, 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    If you have any questions or would like to confirm part fitment, please call us at (734) 326-3900 and speak with one of our technicians.

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